Digital Transformation University: Embracing Change

Digital transformation university is on its way right now. And it is embracing change that comes along with it. What are these changes, then?

Digital Transformation University

Even though digital transformation or Dx is on its way right now, it’s still lacking. One survey shows that only 13% of colleges and universities are on their journey.

While some 32% are making a plan to take steps. And 38% are looking at possibilities with digital transformation.

And only, 17% are not investing time in it. So even though there is room for growth, it’s a good thing to see more are pushing Dx.

So, what are some shifts we are seeing in the Dx efforts of these universities?

Information Security Strategy

The skills gap continues to rise in higher education. As more and more cybersecurity leaders are needed. So, the shift we can see in the sector is hiring contractors.

Also, some are focusing on hiring people with soft skills. Like leadership and people management. Then, they go and give them cybersecurity training.

Then, more and more are using AI to give the security they need. It can also give them effective network analysis and threat-hunting.

Student-Centric Higher Education

Universities today are making a student-centric way to their Dx efforts. Making a student-services ecosystem that supports the whole student life cycle.

Also, they are giving flexible degrees and continuing education. Then, they will connect their students to companies to be part of a workforce.

The student experience is also changing. Mobile apps are now available to give students info and services. Like enrollment, finding classes, paying tuition bills, and more.

Raise Student Retention

Other than security, AI is now used by universities for other things. Like in making capabilities and systems to give student services. Then give personalized and on-time support.

Also, to raise student retention, they are now managing and measuring student actions. Like:

  • Library visits
  • Athletic or social events attendance
  • Time spent in dorms, cafeterias, etc.
  • Colleagues they most likely work with in-classes

So, universities can better see the student’s needs and give the help they need.

Administrative Simplification

More universities are now welcoming younger staff than before. So, administrative simplification efforts lead to modernization. Which appeals to younger workers.

Also, this step can change a university’s culture. Staff is more open to change, streamlining work, and better teamwork.

To do these, they are focusing more on data. By using user-focused services that give data to end-users at the right time.

Better Enrollment

Today, more universities see the need for personalizing recruitment and enrollment. As well as learning experiences.

That is why they are centralizing more services like advising. Also, the IT department is now more involved in this. This is because they can give analytics and AI solutions. 

They can also help enrollment leaders to make, better, and apply data models.

Universities are also making efforts to meet where possible students are. Like using social media apps to reach and recruit students. 

With these and making the process easier, they are seeing a better enrollment rate.

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