Digital Transformation UK: Implements New Strategy

Digital Transformation UK. How it’s like now? And what are the government’s plans to drive digital transformation in the UK? Read this post to find out more.

The UK Leads The Way In Digital Transformation Strategy

The IT consultancy Infosys believes that organizations will become digitally advanced. They will achieve that if they focus on many digital initiatives at scale at the same time.

It also suggests that when it comes to their digital transformation, UK organizations are now significantly ahead of the global average. And this includes the United States and Germany.

Its authors also claim that the UK’s supremacy is primarily led. By telecommunications and technology organizations, as 5G is implemented.

“Digital visionaries” are the most advanced group of companies. They run more digital initiatives at scale compared to “digital explorers.”

Barriers To Change

When asked about the biggest barriers to digital transformation in 2019, the percentage of respondents results was:

  • Inability to experiment quickly – 22%
  • Insufficient budget – 30%, and

Also, the lack of change management abilities and relevant skills are the key obstacles. As they progress to digital transformation, the importance of digitizing their core and manage change at scale will also grow.

Aside from that, the survey shows that the highest maturity levels were on the technology. As well as manufacturing, telco, and financial services sectors.

But, consumer goods, logistics, and healthcare industries ranked lower.
Additionally, the automotive sector lags other sectors in terms of digital maturity.

Thus this makes autonomous and connected vehicles grab headlines. But, more work is needed to modernize legacy systems. And integrate the automotive ecosystem.

The Possible Solution

The incumbent companies need to do 3 things:

  • To establish the technical foundations for digital transformation.
  • They need to build technological capabilities and talent, and
  • Third, the need to innovate at the speed of agile development.

The report continues stating:

“To become more like visionaries, companies should develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for using automation and AI to bolster human capabilities, rather than focusing shortsightedly on cutting costs,” the report concludes.

“They need to put in place a formal digital transformation strategy, and share that plan with employees, customers, and partners alike.”

UK Government Publishes New Strategy

The Uk Government published a new strategy to focus on data. As well as its effective use to recover from the current pandemic. This strategy allows organizations to utilize to drive digital transformation. This includes innovation to boost growth in the economy.

The UK also announced 10 New Innovation Fellowships. And these are expected to support the digital transformation across the government.

Thus, successful applicants will have to work closely with the Data Science team. As well as the Government Digital Service networks, and a peer-group of exceptional talent.

Also, a new Government Chief Data Officer will be appointed. This position will oversee the Government Digital Service. It will also lead the Digital, Data, and Technology function.

Aside from that, it will be responsible for shaping. And delivering the government’s innovation and transformation strategies.

Moreover, the UK Government will explore new ways to teach undergraduate students. They will be learning data skills that complement the existing current math and computing curriculums.

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