Digital Transformation Thailand: Vision Of Innovation

Global economic development is on the rise. The digital transformation Thailand vision is just what the country needs. More and more countries are buying in on the digital trend.

Thailand is the second-largest economy in ASEAN and South East Asia. With that, they are making active efforts to realize their innovative vision.

Furthermore, Thailand is making its 2021 digital development program to fruition. Thus, promoting digital construction and improving its technological capabilities.

Recently, the country has been a place for digital transformation events. Most notably, the Thai Partner Conference.

Thai Partner Conference

The said event was hosted by an industry leader in the provision of Digital Solutions. This event opens the Thailand market into a smarter future.

Also, a lot of respected people attended the event. First on the list, the Representative from the Embassy of China in the Kingdom of Thailand.

The SVP of H3C is also in attendance. As well as local partners and customers from related industries.
All of which, bringing unique opportunities to Thailand’s ICT market.

Digital Partnership

H3C leverages its experience in the Chinese market to enter the Thailand market. Thus, providing local users with comprehensive digital platforms.

These platforms include cloud computing, big data, interconnectivity, information security, and new safety. Also, the Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and 5G solutions.

All of this is through an in-depth analysis and observation of the demand for digital transformation in Thailand.

The firm vowed to work with more local partners and customers to promote innovation. Not only that but also pushing forward the digital transformation in Thailand. Thus, contributing to the construction of ‘Digital Thailand’.

What To Expect

Because of these efforts, we will see an increase in expenditure on R&D. As a result, the country’s economic growth rate is expected to expand in the next 5 years.

Thailand is aspiring to get more traction as a digital hub. This is where their strategic location comes to play. Especially when competing with peers in the region, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

What’s More

The country is all about improvement. They are looking to promote innovation as the key driving force. For future economic development.

Also, Thailand is developing its economy through creation and technologies.

Of course, it’s not always that easy. To achieve this goal, the government will build the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC).

How They Do It

The firm will continue to follow the strategy of “Inclusive Platform and Borderless Ecology”. Thus ensuring to adopt the method of “Partners First”. And, combine the strength of its ecological partners.

Everything has a plan. There is a full portfolio of Digital Infrastructure products. This portfolio also includes compute, storage, networking, security, and related domains.

As a result, it will unlock the potential of intelligent and digital platforms. It will provide strong support to businesses with high-value solutions and services. More, help customers build their Digital Brains in their respective domains.

Future Plans

They are planning multiple ICT projects. Specifically, t smart power, smart education, and smart healthcare.

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