Digital Transformation Technologies Of This Decade

Digital transformation technologies are essential for the future. It improves people’s interaction. It also has a big role in businesses’ advancement.

How does it help businesses? But first, let us define what digital transformation technologies are.

Definition of Digital Transformation Technologies

Digital transformation is the process of using technologies. DX Technologies are the tools that support the goals of a business. 

Moreover, it applies to two things:

  1. Combining digital technologies. It helps give value to customers.
  2. Shifting from traditional to modern. It redefines the processes to improved ones.

Now, we know what digital transformation technologies are. What are the most common technologies for digital transformation?

Common Digital Transformation Technologies

This article will feature five technology tools for digital transformation.

  1. Mobile technology
  2. Cloud computing
  3. Internet of Things
  4. Robotics
  5. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Since the year 2000, mobile has changed the world for the better. It enabled us to connect with people. Within the convenience of our hands.

Additionally, mobile helped a lot of industries. Like manufacturing and industrial businesses. In fact, experts view mobile as important in building strategies.

For example, employees use smartphones in connecting with experts at their head offices. They can also view blueprint designs whenever they want. Plus, they can update pricing and delivery schedules.

Cloud computing

Many companies are hesitant about adopting cloud computing. They could be unsure about security concerns.

But studies show that adopting the cloud will be a big factor in the next years. Also, they predict that workloads will run on cloud platforms in 2020.

More so, the cloud can be useful in digital transformation. It will help companies in being flexible.

It can also speed up their operations. Thus, improving the company as a whole.

Internet of Things

IoT brings a lot of opportunities. It enhances the production and operations of a business.

Besides, more and more companies invest in using IoT devices now. They find it helpful in learning new processes.

Also, IoT will place them above other businesses. Both in global perspective and factory.

As a result, it makes them more efficient. Companies can also meet customer demands more. Plus, it advances its products and services.


Research says that one out of four companies use robotics. And they believe that it will increase over the next years.

These technologies improve their operations a lot. They can also save time. How?

Employees will not do repetitive tasks anymore. Robots can do it instead. They use sensors and other technologies.

So, humans can do more complex tasks. How convenient is that for everyone!

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML improve the manufacturing industry. So, a lot of manufacturers invest in these technologies.

They can help them by enabling data access. It also unlocks a lot of possibilities.

Additionally, it is extremely helpful in analyzing customer behaviors. So, companies can convert them into ideas.

Furthermore, it helps them in finding new approaches for their business. They can also quickly solve concerns. All thanks to the insights of AI and ML!


These are just five of the common digital transformation technologies of this decade. The power of these can help your company.

You can build your digital transformation strategies. Thus, improving your business.

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