Digital Transformation Survey

Before thinking about online business, you need to consider the digital transformation survey.

It is like a preparation for your plan. 

When you have a good foundation in your business, it will have a benefit for you. So, you can endure possible problems in the future.

In this article, we will learn what is digital transformation. Also, we will know how important conducting a survey is.

Moreover, what can we look forward to when having a survey? We will also find out here in this article. 

This will serve as a guide if you are planning to start a business. If you have a business now, you may also look into it as a reviewer.

Definition and Importance

Digital Transformation is a way of selling items online.

You can also imagine yourself going to the mall and shop. But, the difference is you do not need to go outside. 

That is the goal of this platform. To make it easier for buyers to choose what they want online. 

At the same time, the online world is huge. So, clients need to make it easy to use. 

So, it will be useful.

Digital Transformation Survey

Now that we are familiar with how it works, you may now have the glimpse to know why it is important. 

It is vital to have a survey so you will know what steps you should do. 

If you also missed information, you will also identify what it is. 

You may consider some of the questions:

  • What platforms will I use? – This is the base of your business. You will know which are on the internet will you want to use. 

You may choose social media. Take for example Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. These are the platforms that you may always visit.

That is also the reason why you can sell there. It is because a lot of people go in and out of social media. 

  • What are the hidden needs of my items? – It is true that unexpected times happen. So, your product may have damage. 

So, preparing for the solution to that problem can also be beneficial. Warranty and return policies for example. 

When you choose to have your business all in the online market, you will need to contact a shipping company.

So, organizing it in advance is an advantage.

  • Did I ensure my cybersecurity? Yes, this is vital for every online business. 

It is because you will have transactions on the internet. But, you will also need private information on it. 

So, assuring your customers that their private information is safe will be good. You will increase their trust in your service. 


It is important to have a digital transformation survey. 

This will not be beneficial for your customers. But also, to the strength and foundation of your business. 

So, you will have preparations if there are problems in the future. Also, you will not worry too much about it. 

So, answering those questions will reflect how ready you are for this. 

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