Digital Transformation Statistics: 2020 Update

The digital transformation statistics are changing every year. What are the records for this year?

Read on to learn more.

Digital Transformation Statistics: Overview

The COVID-19 pandemic affected so many companies. It also changed how digital transformation works. Thus, companies now are confused about what strategies are still effective.

Additionally, they should start to adapt to the new digital techniques. So, they can keep up with their customers’ expectations.

In this article, we will navigate the top digital transformation statistics you should know.

Digital Transformation Statistics in 2020

Companies Towards Digitalization

As predicted, more and more companies invest in digitalization. Currently, there are 15% of them did so. But in the next year, experts expect the numbers to rise.

In addition, the pandemic is one of the causes for this switch. It also inspired companies to:

  • take remote work
  • get fast technologies
  • prioritize technology advancement
  • digital operations

Cloud Platforms

File storage is getting old. So next year, CIOs will invest in cloud platforms.

As a result, working from home will be easier. It also promotes the flexibility of data access.

Moreover, it helps companies to have adaptable systems. So, it’s time for them to act now.

Remote work

Due to social distancing, companies shift to remote work model. Even those who work in call center industries.

Thus, digital systems should be implemented. Doing so will help employees. They will be more comfortable and efficient.

Also, experts predict that remote work will rise by 300%. Thus, new applicants expect a WFH culture. With that said, digitalizing will attract new talents. 

Customer Service

Forrester predicts that digital customer service will increase by 40%. Again, it is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Why?

People nowadays rely on online shopping. From buying clothes to groceries to virtual medical checkups.

So, applying DX will improve customer service. Customers can shop and do anything online. Thus, they expect a good experience.

Also, investing in technologies will also help your employees. They can be more effective in their job. And they can serve better.

As a result, your customers will also be loyal to your services.

Brand loyalty

As mentioned above, better customer service is equal to long-term success. How?

Customers demand care and attention. Also, they want a speedy response. Hence, companies that listen to them will be successful.

Additionally, spending time and money for DX creates brand loyalty. Also, you can keep your customers. They will not turn to your competitors.

Therefore, thinking about your customers help you improve your experience.

Emotion Analytics

Research shows that customers’ emotions drive their decisions. So, companies study why customers buy.

Also, they determine how customers feel after buying from their brand. With that, they use qualitative research.

Qualitative research gets subjective results. Like customers’ perceptions and feelings. Also, it detects:

  • voice tone
  • word-choice
  • customer sentiment

This investment helps different industries. But it is extremely helpful for call centers.

They can get customers’ sentiment. Thus, it can help them get insights.

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