Digital Transformation Report

Wonder what if the digital transformation report for this year?

This year is different from the other years. It is because we did not live the same way.

We need to make a lot of adjustments so we can continue on our different businesses. 

You may wonder how it went for the digital platform. 

In this article, we will discuss the report for this year’s digital transformation progress. 

We will also know the factors why the status became this big during the pandemic. 

Also, we will know why you can trust that investing in this platform can also be a big help to you. 

Now, let us proceed to the report. 

Digital Transformation Report

In this year of the pandemic, there were a lot of adjustments that we need to make.

For example, staying at home will be the best option for safety purposes.

So, the things we do will be limited. We used to go to the malls and parks to shop and bond with friends. 

But now, everything might seem so different. 

Even buying important things like foods and hygiene product, it is also limited. 

That is why the increase in the digital transformation world increased rapidly.

According to the report, the financial progress went up to 89% of progress.

It means that almost everyone is having their sales. It is through the internet most of the time. 

Also when it comes to the technical side, it had good development. 

Due to the high volume of people using, the cybersecurity and interface should be attractive. 

Not only that, but they also have to remember that it will be easy to use for everyone. 

That is why a lot of brands and companies are coming up with different kinds of strategies in the industry. 

Challenges Found

Even if there is progress, there are also potential threats that need attention. 

Take for example the business disruption. 

Some of the products are not a need during the time of the pandemic. So even if it is being put online, the market may still be slow. 

The challenge when it comes to expanding more strategies may also be difficult. It is because of the limited actions people can do during this time. 

But as mentioned, development is always growing. So, there will be a solution for it as time goes by. 

One thing to consider also is cybersecurity. Experts always need to be alert about this. 

Even though there are a lot more solutions today, hackers also think about their next moves. 

So, growing every day can be an advantage. 

Moreover, you do not need to worry if you are planning to build one. 


This year made a change for everyone. But on the digital transformation platform, they had an increase. 

They received a lot of advantages. 

But despite the progress, challenges are always present. So, identifying it in advance will help developers to prepare for the dangers. 

Also, it will assure you that it is safe. So if you are planning to try digital transformation, it is a good investment.

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