Digital Transformation Platform: Is Your Business 21st Century Ready?

Digital Transformation Platform

How can a digital transformation platform change a business for the 21st century? 

Digital Transformation In The 21st Century

Is your business 21st century ready?

We’re not talking about anything fancy. But we are talking about the digital transformation’s influence on businesses.

As years mature, technology developments do so too. This advancement goes well with the market’s demands also. 

For instance, during these years, companies have seen how customers can make their business. Not to mention the advancement and opportunities data brings.

How can you make the best of both? 

Happily, digital transformation can bring you the best of customer service and data. Not to mention that along with it, comes the boost it gives to your employees. Because automation, for instance, can bring back hundreds to thousands of working hours to companies. 

Isn’t that big enough to define productivity?

The Hurdle In Between

Sadly, a lot of companies linger and fall into obsolescence. 

Perhaps they were thinking of the no-need for change. They should have been doing business for years already. But they were able to make it.

But you should know that things are going different now.

Gone were the days of traditional means.

1. The People Factor

Besides, most hinder digital transformation because of the people.

How do the ‘people’ factor influence success?

Well, consider what Henning con Kielpinski says, a business development director of ConSol. “Digital transformation is more than technology”, he says. Then, he adds, “it’s 50% technology, and it’s 50% people”.

In line with this, ‘people’ influence the way ‘technology’ does. So, how can a company boost their people factor?

  • Leaders should take the lead. A real digital transformation should start from the executives’ digital mindset. If not, then how can the whole ‘body’ of the corporation move so? 

Just like a physical body, it surely does not function without the brain’s signal. Can you see the same principle herewith?

As Forbes’ chief insight officer says, “Executives can’t just say it. They must live it.”

  • Get an overall buy-in. Aside from the leaders, employees should also cooperate. That is why it is always encouraged to include employees from the very first step. Perhaps the IT team can handle pierces of training and awareness. 

Through this, employees should know the edges of applying new digital initiatives. Employees should know the benefits DX brings to them as workers.

2. Lack Of Skills

The lack of skills serves as another hurdle in executing a digital transformation platform.

Perhaps the leaders are excited enough. They should have seen how a digital transformation platform evolves businesses.

But how can they incorporate such into their own company?

Mostly, companies find it hard to find professionals in niche technologies. Areas such as the internet of things (IoT), for instance.

If this is your case, how can you cope up with the crisis?

  • Apply for training and courses. Today, there are executives training for digital transformation. These can surely help you redesign your thinking into DX.
  • Ask help from professionals. Many companies seek help with digital transformation platforms.

Ask WalkMe

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