Digital Transformation Of Industries And Their Examples

The digital transformation of industries is popular nowadays. It is useful in building a brand. It also connects businesses to their customers. Most importantly, it helps increase profits.

How does digital transformation differ in different industries? In this article, we will discuss three industries and their examples of applying the digital transformation.


In the past, the healthcare industry is hesitant in adapting digital strategy. In fact, reports show that almost 40% of companies have no idea of applying that. 

Today, people would look for medical answers on the Internet. They would even self-diagnose before meeting doctors.

Thus, healthcare responded to this behavior. Now, they use digital tools as part of their strategies. They also apply digital practices to improve their services.

Moreover, these technologies can be widely seen:

  • IoT in pharma. The pharma companies use automation in their manufacturing and supply methods. Thus, they can improve the quality of their products. They also use drug tags. It monitors the temperature of medicine. So, the quality is intact during delivery.
  • Electronic health records. Some hospitals now use digital records. Instead of using a paper chart. So, doctors can access it using their phones. This helps them get instant updates from patients. It also provides better security and data.
  • Wearables. Wearable watches like Fitbit helps patients. They can monitor their own vitals and symptoms. So, they can give instant updates to the medical staff. It is especially useful in times of emergency.


Today, billions of people use smartphones. With that, the telecom industry transforms into digital strategies.

Besides, they are one of the first investors of digital technologies. they use it to build business models. Also, it enables them to connect globally. Along with the following benefits:

  • real-time access 24/7
  • customer support
  • enhanced user experience

One of the examples of digital transformation in telecommunications is Sprint. After the merge, it is now acquired by T-Mobile. Sprint faces intense competition with other companies.

Thus, they shifted to AI. So, they became the best in customer experience.


Digital transformation developed the finance industry greatly. They applied a lot of new digital tools, such as:

  • smart analytics
  • robotics
  • cloud computing

With that, they improved the whole banking and finance processes. Also, it minimizes human errors. Since finance industries use machine learning and robots.

Some of these technologies include:

  • mobile banking apps
  • smart ATMs
  • chatbots for easier communication
  • virtual assistants

Reports also show that almost 80% of customers think that AI gives a human-like experience. They also think that robots can do the job faster.

So, to achieve this, finance industries should invest in robots that have:

  • RPA or robotic process automation
  • algorithm capabilities
  • machine learning

Moreover, they can improve performance by having self-service tools. Plus, automation can help companies speed up their processes.


These are the leading digital transformation of industries and their examples. They give us lessons that digital changes can improve businesses.

Furthermore, each industry may have different ways of applying DX. But, there is just one goal. And that is to give the best customer journey.

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