Digital Transformation of HR: How to Get Started?

The digital transformation of HR gives many possibilities to the sector. It can transform it and its operations. But, why does HR need this journey?

Digital transformation already made its way into many sectors of the economy. May it be on finance, tourism, logistics, and many others.

And in these sectors, Human Resources or HR is a common department. And this also needs to go through the journey.

In this article, we will see what digital transformation is in HR. And get more details on why they need to make these efforts.

Digital Transformation of HR: What is it?

The digital transformation of HR is a process that has two main goals. This is to:

  • automate operational HR processes
  • make HR processes data-driven

Also, it means a dual challenge for a company’s HR teams. Because the digital transformation in HR needs to:

  • transform HR operations
  • transform the workforce and the way they do work

So, the digital transformation in HR needs to go beyond its boundaries. To be successful, it should be a process that also affects the organization as a whole.

But, why the need for digital transformation?

Why is it Needed?

Every change HR is making has to make sure of one thing. To make business sense. They need to make sure the changes they are making are in line with the company’s business goals.

So, this is where digital transformation comes to play.

It has the potential to give efficient change they need by digitalizing some HR processes. While at the same time making sure of the business goals.

But, they need to think hard first in all digital investments they want to make. The HR should not think of getting these just for the sake of going digital.

So, how do HR teams get started with the journey?

Getting Started with HR Transformation

Make Clear Goal

Before doing any steps, it is vital to make a clear goal. One that goes in line with the company’s business goals.

Also, this should solve the issues employees face. This is because they are the end-user for the HR department.

Get Everyone on Board

Meaning, all stakeholders, employees, executives, and everyone in between. Because HR transformation will affect everyone, so their support is important.

Don’t Overcomplicate

Start simple and small. They should first take a look at all HR processes and see which one needs a digitalization. Processes such as:

  • preselection and recruitment
  • onboarding and inboarding
  • learning and development
  • payroll management

Rank Ideas

List and rank ideas based on business impact and effort. Or the time and money needed to get ideas to go digital. 

Start with the highest impact and lowest effort.

Assess Performance

After using digital techs, it is then important to assess what works and what doesn’t.

So that if there are problems, they can solve it fast.

Culture is Vital

Technologies are not enough for a successful HR digital transformation. It’s about the mindset of everyone in the organization.

That is why company culture is vital. Everyone needs to have a digital mindset to have a successful transformation.

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