Digital Transformation Of Companies

So let learn about does digital transformation of companies we have today. Also, know more how essential this technology in the modern world.

Idea Of Digital Transformation Of Companies

So I will help you to understand how companies today are adopting digital transformation. But we need to know about digital transformation and how this helps companies.

So when we say digital it is not only a fashionable topic today. Therefore this is the reality of many companies that want to remain competitive in the industry.

So a digital transformation is an integration of digital technology in all areas of business operation. Also, it leads to a huge change in the functioning and can significantly affect customer satisfaction.

It has new technology and new innovative product service are going on. So the effects of digital transformation can be seen and many aspects of companies function like the following:

  • Way of employees work
  • How business process work
  • How to collect and analyze data using

So to understand more about it you must know that it just simply the digitization of information. Moreover, the digitalization of information is a course an essential element of any digital transformation.

Companies That Using Digital Technologies

So let us discuss companies and details how digital transformation has made them successful. Let start with the Lego company, Lego is the first digital company that using the year 1997.

The entry into the video game market and games has become a more important element. So this game is largely free which is increases the promotional effect to their products.

Moreover, Lego is an exploring 3D printing option that while most companies are afraid of this technology. It because it allows a customer to create a product by themselves.

So Lego has filed a patent application for the types of printing. Therefore all f this has enabled their client to use innovative solutions.

More than that Lego toy company has also become more modern today. These blocks are sometimes required with an advanced solution like sensors.

So the company also trying to combine the world of the game and the physical blocks that they launch. 

More Companies Using Digital Technology

Let also discuss other companies, like Nike company. So Nike is a giant in the sports footwear industry.

In the start, they focus on the mobile device that uses advanced technologies base on a recommendation. So they use digital transformation by using algorithms and machine learning.

Moreover, this company has creat a mobile application that helps customers to choose the best type of shoes. By using your scanning on the feet and application create a map that bases on the 13 data points.

So it very big help to the customer that can attain vital information to create better footwear project. Furthermore, the Microsoft company has adopted this modern digital technology.

Also, this company has another prime among the digital transformation example. So this software sales leader base on the power of the Windows operating system.

So Microsoft opens up to the mobile device that provides a very good experience.

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