Digital Transformation Newsletter and Blogs (Free Resources)

Tuning in with digital transformation newsletter resources can help you keep up with the latest DX trends and technologies for your business. So in this post, we will be dropping the best sites you can resource from.

Free Digital Transformation Newsletter & Blog Resources

CIO from IDG

CIO provides the latest news in technology, most particularly, in digital transformation. So they publish blogs, videos, and how-to articles for IT professionals.

For instance, they cover the following topics:

  • Apps
  • Careers
  • Cloud computing
  • Datacenter
  • Mobile technology
  • Outsourcing
  • Security
  • Social media
  • Hardware and software
  • Digital transformation

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Microsoft News

Microsoft, one of today’s global tech giants also produces the latest news in digital transformation on a global scale. Besides, the company’s website has a specific section for digital transformation and business. 

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Perficient Blogs

Perficient is one of the United States’ leading digital transformation consulting companies. Besides, this company specializing in DX shares its insights and perspectives in its blogs. You can also get the latest news up to twice a week.

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Liveworx offers services as a digital program for leaders. In addition, their target markets are industrial companies undergoing digital transformation initiatives. 

Moreover, on their website, they provide helpful content that aims to help leaders create enterprise value through DX. Also, they produce content as to how DX can improve employees’ productivity levels.

The site also produces content about the following technologies impacting digital transformation:

  • Augmented reality
  • IIoT
  • SaaS
  • Generative Design
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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The Enterprisers Project

For CIOs and senior IT leaders, The Enterprisers Project website is for you. This website also serves as an online publication providing content about IT-driven business innovation. So they target to help leaders who struggle the road of DX execution. This may include talent shortage, budgeting, and culture change, for instance. 

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A complete guide about digital transformation is covered for you by DigiconAsia. This site covers everything from the digital economy, cloud strategies, cloud protection, and privacy, for instance. 

Resourcing from the site can help you keep up with the latest trends in the industry, gain key insights about DX, and catch up with the latest developments in the business, for instance. Digital leaders, directors, and IT leaders are the target audience of their content.

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An enterprise technology platform, Lumen, helps companies to get the best use of today’s technology and applications. For example, the company aims to connect network assets, security solutions, cloud connectivity, and collaboration tools in a single platform. 

The company also hosts a blog that discusses all of these and more that you can learn from digital transformation.

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Digital Lifescapes

Digital Lifescapes reviews different market research studies and derives key insights from them. Hence, produces these insights into blog content regularly published on their site.

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Ask WalkMe

WalkMe is the world’s leading digital transformation platform. The site also produces high-quality digital transformation articles, ranging from its definition to news articles.

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