Digital Transformation New Zealand: Driving Innovation

Digital Transformation New Zealand. How does it look like right now? What are the steps the government is making to drive digital transformation?

Digital Transformation New Zealand: Driving Innovation

To drive digital transformation in its sectors, New Zealand made a roadmap. Outlining the strategies the government is going to take to drive innovation.

Then, its focus is to reach a sustainable and productive economy for the country. To succeed, they consulted with key players in each sector and add ideas needed.

So, the New Zealand government will focus on four key sectors. These are:

  • food and beverage
  • agritech
  • forestry and wood processing
  • digital technologies

And to reach their goals, they are working with businesses and the workforce. As well as Māori to better know which steps they should take.

Digital Transformation for NZ Industries

About 97% of enterprises in New Zealand is made of SMEs. So, digital transformation gives a chance for growth and competitiveness.

And this can give a contribution of US$7 billion in the country’s GDP. That is why the government is focusing on awareness in each sector.

They see it as one of the first steps to take before doing a digital transformation. Then, a shift in mindset comes next.

Each sector needs to help everyone get on board the idea. And it needs to start with those in charge. This is to see the need to make the move.

Then this is where they can start the adoption of digital transformation. And it can then help bridge the skills gap. And support productivity and economic growth.

Also, aside from focusing on the 4 key sectors cited above, they made plans for others. Plans for tourism, aerospace, health techs, creative sectors, and renewable energy.

The government wants to give them a digital push to better these sectors. And they are ensuring the steps they are making align with existing efforts in each sector.

This is because they want to make sure they are efficient in using resources. And ensure they are sustainable.

Digital Technology Opportunities

New Zealand is doing any steps it can to help better the tech and industrial sectors. So, it plans for more coordinated action between each sector and the government.

These steps include:

  • Working with the IoT Alliance and IoT Forum. This is to drive apps of digital techs.
  • Installing Industry 4.0 programs. To higher the usage of techs and processes in the manufacturing sectors. So that productivity will get better.
  • Making and rolling out a National Digital Infrastructure Model. This is to make use of crucial data from each part of the economy.
  • Supporting digital tech firms by giving a level playing field in the country. So that more can compete for government business.
  • Working with the Digital Skills Forum. This is to help the digital tech sector and other sectors that rely on digital tech workers. They can then get help from tech talents.

They are making this opportunity for three things:

  • better productivity
  • focus more on value
  • compete internationally

But there are challenges they are facing. One of them is finding skilled employees.

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