Digital Transformation Malaysia: New Business Update In Transformation

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It aims at creating Malaysia as the heart of the digital again. The Malaysia Digital Economy Company (MDEC). The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is the regional digital powerhouse that launches global champions.

It also seeks to ensure that the new economy leads all Malaysians to the common wealth. Moreover, it does so by speeding up the development of our digital economy.

It means, moreover, that the drivers are inclusive and rewarding to all. Also, it then gives Malaysians technical skills, encourages digital enterprises, and boosts investment in the digital economy.

Malaysia can re-engineer the human experiment using technology at the headquarters of 4IR. Furthermore, it decentralizes control and underlines differences along the lines of color, religion, and property.

The concept defines the next step of society ‘s evolution. Moreover, the quest for Company 5.0 reflects on the essentials of a human society.

As a new narrative to incorporate digital technology, MDEC aims to play a key role for catalyzing the transition to Malaysia 5.0. In the modern Malaysia 5.0 digital economy, they are important instruments.

Malaysia 5.0 will lead to a more competitive and circular economy in which all people, regardless of age, nationality and class, can enjoy greater well-being.

In Malaysia, 98 percent of overall companies account for over 1 million small and medium-sized enterprises ( SMEs). Most are micro-small enterprises, with women owning 21 per cent of them. SMEs have to deal with problems such as a lack of corporate ties, inadequate information on resources, access to finance, education and the lack of a full global footprint on the Internet.

The next step in Malaysia’s digital transformation

A nation can be described as the digital revolution as a journey. Also, there is a path to pursue, a target to meet and the only route to meet.

The next step is to establish its status as “The Heart of digital asian.” Malaysia has begun the introduction of digital technology into all aspects of its economy.

That’s the country’s aspiration. Malaysia is a regional digital superpower as the center of Asean, launching the world champions in the 4th Industry Transformation (Industry 4.0).

The dedication is to lead the digital economy of the world. This does achieve by inclusive high quality development through national, shared prosperity vision 2030 digitalisation initiatives.

Rais and Chow Sang Hoe, Ernst & Young Asean consultancy boss and partner management consulting.

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