Digital Transformation Keywords-Useful Words To Remember

What are some of the digital transformation keywords that may help an organization achieve successful transformation? Read this post to find out these words.

The Digital Transformation Journey

Let’s use Adobe, the Silicon Valley stalwart as an example. This company transformed itself by embracing technologies that could have put it out of business.

You might expect to find Adobe on the register of companies disrupted by digital. But still, this 35-year old company persevered and excelled. Adobe even embraces technological areas. For instance, it makes use of cloud, mobile, platforms, and even IoT.

Moreover, Adobe exceeded $100 billion in market cap. And also joined the Fortune 400 in 2018. It also ranks number 13 on Forbes’ Most Innovative Companies list.

Mr. Shantanu Narayen is the CEO and Chairman of Adobe. And he shares his thoughts on several digital transformation keywords related to Adobe’s journey. But also applicable to other businesses.

The Digital Transformation Keywords


Focus on the ‘storytelling aspects’ of your role. Such as personalizing and creating narratives that people can engage with. Also, focus on the team and acknowledge accomplishments as a team.

Mr. Narayen said:

“Our shared vision about what we needed to accomplish and how we would go about doing it was so powerful that it often didn’t seem like we needed all that much courage.”

“Artificial Intelligence”

In every decade, there seem to be big shifts in technology. And matured companies recognize these shifts. They also figure out how to harness them toward any mission they are following.

With the cloud, they saw they could enable two crucial advantages for their customers. First, the location independence. And second, the collaboration.

Aside from that, they also believe that mobile devices can be used for creation. And not just for consumption.

About AI, they look through communities and enterprises they work with. Then they ask themselves:

“Can we harness the power of the community through AI and bring that power back to every individual?”

Additionally, they also think of the domains that they participate in. As well as how AI can help their technology be more accessible. Or help do things faster and help automate inefficient processes.


Adobe thinks about platforms in many ways. First, they ask themselves how about investing in deep technology innovation. Innovation that will stand the test of time. Next, is about how to enable users to extend and customize what they create.

Well, if you get the platform right, then you are improving the entire workflow of a customer.


They had core hypotheses that led them through the transition. The hypothesis states that understanding how people use products online would allow them to tailor offerings quicker than the traditional.

According to Mr. Narayen:

“When you have such strong convictions about how you can innovate faster and serve customers better, it gives you a better foundation to speak to the benefits to the market, in terms of both customers and investors.”


The process of transforming to digital was also uncomfortable for them in many ways. If you’re trying to innovate and tackle a major transition, you have to reinforce the positives. You also have to learn to adapt to things you may not have gotten right.

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