Digital Transformation Is Today’s Survival 2020

Digital transformation is the integration of modern technology with business processes. However, this cannot be fully defined per business. Since different businesses have different needs. 

Moreover, digital transformation enhances the way business processes operate. It pulls the tasks up from the traditional ways. But, this also provides better services to clients. 

Thus, digital transformation is a two-fold advancement. Because this betters the company’s operations. And this also enhances the client’s trust and satisfaction. 

For instance, being more integrated with technology helps the business be more efficient. Efficient in both time and resources. On the other hand, clients stick with businesses that are responsive enough to their needs. 

Digital Transformation In Pandemic

The COVID-19 has brought digital transformation to a much more needed degree. Digital Transformation is survival. 

You see, the pandemic has shut down offices and operations. The way business operates before has changed. Thus, the business needs to adapt.

In fact, a report shows that digital transformation spending in 2020 will increase. This includes spending on products and business practices related to DX. It was forecasted that this grows into more than 10%. That will result in 1.3 trillion dollars.

This technology has helped businesses build resilience amidst the crisis. It helps in getting things done. Most especially that employees are forced to stay at home. Thus, digital transformation enabled operations still run smoothly.

In 2020, Digital Transformation will adopt some trends.

  • There will better usage of AI and machine learning technology
  • The IT outsourcing industry will have more continued mergers. Also, this industry is going to have more acquisition activities.
  • Cloud adoption will be expanded. Most especially the public.
  • The year will focus more attention on the long-term value of these digital initiatives.
  • There will be new digital transformation success metrics.
  • Also, there will be a fast adoption of digital operating models.

5G In The Making

Digital Transformation also pushes to faster connections. Everyone needs this. Most especially in this time of a pandemic. Everyone needs to be better connected. Even though this should be done virtually.

For instance, the pandemic has pushed businesses to work remotely. This asks for further advancement in connection. Another example is the way education is delivered today. Classrooms have moved into the virtual scene. This too needs a more efficient connection.

The good news is that many telcos are now in the making of this advancement. In fact, 5G deployments are in rapid progress in China. That the Ericsson goals to have their enrollment within the year.

In addition, a virtual lab was launched by Verizon. This happened last May 2020. And this rolled out a total of 5G deployments in San Diego, CA. On the other hand, Qualcomm also made a significant announcement. It reports that more than 60% of their devices. These were shipped in the past quarter and were 5G. 

Moreover, in 2020 there are almost 400 operators who are investing in 5G technology. And while these are in the making, more than 30 countries have launched. These are by 80 operators with their commercial 5G services.

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