Digital Transformation Initiative: What to Consider?

Are you planning to have your company go through a digital transformation? And looking for a digital transformation initiative to consider?

If you are, then, keep on reading. We’ll see what digital transformation initiative is crucial to take.

Digital Transformation Initiative

In light of the COVID-19, most of us faced changes and hardships. One that we can’t imagine only a few months ago.

And these changes mean one thing for companies. A shift in how they do business. 

Also, for businesses to survive in this pandemic-stricken world, companies need to adjust. May it be their budget, approach, or IT goals.

How they handle their business these days is the key to their survival.

It may sound good to put off any digital transformation initiatives. But many areas of this effort are what companies need these days.

So, what steps can a company make?

Agile Practices

To keep everyone safe, a lot of workers are staying at home and doing a remote job. So, companies must find ways to encourage workers to:

  • collaborate
  • show teamwork
  • make a community

Companies can do this by having new platforms or techs. Or encouraging a digital water cooler chat hours. But there are many other ways to do this.

What’s important is that companies break departmental barriers. Thus, making it clear to everyone that the company is doing digital transformation efforts. And they know where they stand.

Focus on Customer Experience

Even with the bad things this pandemic has caused, it also brought out the best in us.

More people or companies are looking out for friends, families, or neighbors. Or even small businesses and communities.

And because of this, companies need to focus on being customer-centric. This may sound opportunistic, but it isn’t.

At the end of the day, customer experience is what drives higher profit. And making it better needs to be the focus of a company’s digital transformation.

They can ask, “How does our tech make things easier for our customers?” And to gain answers, they need to get feedback from customers.


Companies need to look at the tasks they need to do. Then, ask themselves what part of it they can automate.

They can try automating simple and routine tasks. To do these, there are mature techs they can try, such as:

  • mobile app platforms
  • business rules engines
  • native cloud automation tools
  • low code
  • AI
  • machine learning

Companies can choose what suits them best depending on their needs. If they see a successful trial, they can now add this to their business process.

Everything-as-a-service (XaaS)

Today, it is important for companies to adopt XaaS. This is because it allows a company to be more agile even with these changing market conditions.

One example is “Events-as-a-service”. This is a large scale event going digital-only.


All these may sound hard at first, but companies need to make sure to take everything at pace. They do not need to change everything in one go.

The first thing to do is choose the top priority, map out a plan, and take a step. One by one is enough.

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