Digital Transformation in Tourism Trends

Digital transformation in tourism has made a lot of changes in the sector. It made big changes because of the constant rise in technology today. How so?

Let’s find out in this article.

Digital Transformation in Tourism

The tourism sector is one of the early adopters of digital transformation. And by adopting so, it changed all areas of it

From the rise of online bookings to online check-ins. To the rise of online reviews for different destinations.

Thus, the tourism sector is one of the best when it comes to its digital transformation. And change and growth continue.

So, what trends can we see in the digital transformation in tourism?


Personalization is now crucial for many sectors and the tourism sector is not exempt. Thus, they are making efforts to fill this need for their customers.

The tourism sector is now giving personalized offers and packages. So, to know a customer’s preference, they have the help of big data and cloud computing.

In using big data, it aids in getting data to a traveler’s habits. Like favorite destinations, airlines, or snack choice. So, with this data, companies can focus on giving a more personalized itinerary.

Also, apps can now send emails about the latest trends and promos in the travel sector.

Mobile Connectivity

Over 1/3 of people in the world use their mobile device to book a hotel, said one report. So, most hotels, restaurants, and airports now offer WiFi connectivity.

Also, some hotels even offer their customers devices to use during their stay. With some offering a device with a Wi-Fi connection, portable battery, and selfie stick.

Thus, making mobile connectivity a need versus a luxury element to have in tourism.

AI, Chatbots, and IoT

Today, tourism companies can give a lot of info via AI-powered apps and techs. So that it is easy for customers to find the info or data that they need anytime from any device.

Also, chatbots help customers in a lot of ways. Voice-activated chatbots are now even available for their use. They can help them with these things among others:

  • opening the curtains
  • setting the alarm
  • ordering meals

Further, the tourism sector uses IoT to improve customer experience.

For example, it can know if a customer visits a hotel every year. So, in the next year, they can send an automatic email. Asking if they would like to make another booking for the year.


As said, there are now sites that review different travel destinations. Also, customers can now even post pictures and reviews about their travel.

May it be on Facebook, Instagram, or TripAdvisor. That is why the tourism sector is pushed to give quality services to drive better online reviews.

Virtual Reality

Technology is really becoming more and more amazing. And virtual reality is one. So, that is what the tourism sector is taking advantage of.

Today, customers can now look inside hotels or tourist destinations. All even without leaving their home. And this option here to give them a preview of what to expect if they would like to visit the place.

The snippets or pre-experience they see is perfect for faraway destinations. So, this virtual tourism can help customers decide.

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