Top Digital Transformation Hub in Africa

A digital transformation hub is a place to drive digital transformation in an area. So, these areas are rising in different countries in Africa.

Africa has a very long way to go in its digital transformation. But more and more companies and governments are seeing its importance today.

Thus, these digital hubs built in different cities is a very big help.

Also, all these hubs have one common approach, combine both the public and private sectors.

So, what and where in Africa are the digital transformation hub? Let us take a look at this article. Read on to know more.

Casablanca, Morocco

In Morocco’s capital, the digital hub at Casablanca focuses on international partnership.

Then, this partnership plays a big role in the Kingdom’s e-Madina cluster. This is a group of companies that is working on making a smart city in Casablanca.

Further, the city made it possible for the rise of Casanearshore. It’s a 53-hectare business park and hosts around 80 companies. Making it Africa’s largest business park.

Then, this park made lots of projects for connected services like:

  • e-administration
  • e-government
  • carpooling
  • digital services for company employees

Accra, Ghana

Google opened an artificial intelligence or AI research center in Ghana’s capital, Accra. This AI center will focus on research to aid in issues with healthcare, agriculture, and more.

Also, researchers at the center have a very interesting goal. For AI to be able to detect some diseases that can affect harvest ahead of time.

To do this, they are looking into making smartphone apps. Then, farmers can take a photo of a plant and detect early signs of any disease.

But this goal isn’t only limited to plant diseases. Researchers are also looking into the possibility of detecting human diseases via AI.

Then, they also plan to solve the language barrier in Africa. As the continent speaks up to 2,000 languages.

Machakos County, Kenya

At Machakos Country, south of Nairobi, the Kenyan government made Konza City. This digital hub is also called the “Silicon Savannah” of Africa. 

Konza city is built on 2,000 hectares of grassland and now hosts many companies.

From digital giants like Google, Intel, IBM, Samsung, Nokia, and Microsoft. Then, to 250 different startups, incubators, and universities.

Lagos, Nigeria

Nigeria’s capital, Lagos, hosts Yabacon Valley, one of Africa’s major digital centers. Then, the valley opened its doors to big tech players like Google and Facebook.

Also, the valley hosts lots of sprouting startups in the city. Two of the most successful ones are:

  • Jumia. An e-commerce site and a subsidiary of Rocket Internet.
  • Jobberman. A job search website and is now partnering with Microsoft for a regional job search project.

Cotonou, Benin

Cotonou, Benin has the perk of being at the Atlantic coast. Because this is where their undersea cables serving the global Internet are to be put.

Also, the city has the 12-hectare Benin Smart City in the works and making it the landing point of the cables.

Then, this digital hub aims to better the country’s digital development. And battle the unemployment rate.

So, what do you think of these digital hubs?

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