Digital Transformation Hospitality Trends

What are the trends in digital transformation hospitality?

New technologies arise year after year. How, then, are the hospitality sector catching up?

Let us see in this article.

Digital Transformation Hospitality

Modern guests expect and want to go to a customer-centric hotel. This starts even when choosing where to go and what accommodations are there.

Also, there are other lists customers expect and want. Among them are:

  • comfort
  • better features
  • convenience
  • faster customer service
  • new experiences
  • better customer experience

But, most of the customer-focused featured by hotels of any size are basic. As compared to the lots of possibilities offered by many cutting-edge technologies today.

Thus, hotels today need to know what technologies they can make full use of. And know the offerings of their competitors. So that they can catch up or make new features of their own.

So, what are the trends of digital transformation in the hospitality sector?

Digital Transformation Trends in Hospitality

Internet of Things (IoT)

Customers today want a seamless experience shifts between places they need to be. Like in their home, car, the airplane, or hospitality amenities they go to.

So, the hospitality sector did a lot of changes to meet its customers’ wants. And one of the most used technologies today is the Internet of Things or IoT.

And combined with mobile, they are already adopting smart features. To make full use of these techs, they have features like smart rooms, beacon, and tablets.

One sample of a smart room is it lets customers control room amenities. Or order guest services via a hotel’s mobile app or voice assistant apps like Google Home or Alexa.

Then, lights, window shades, and other things can be controlled by IoT hardware. One that works like a universal remote.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A lot of hotels today use AI. One that they use the most is chatbots. Its aim is to better the guests’ stay step by step.

To give a personalized customer experience, they can analyze data such as:

  • interaction with customers on the hotel app
  • buying history
  • food preferences
  • stored payment options
  • spa and amenity usage

Also, AI chatbot is faster in answering customer concerns and inquiries.

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

Indeed, technology is amazing. With the rise of AR and VP, hotels can now give virtual tours of all their rooms and amenities.

And this feature is available for most devices. From mobile phones, laptops, or smart glasses.

But it’s not limited to that. Hotels can give guests VR postcards. One that can let them into headset-driven 3D travel stories. Or make quests like Pokemon Go for kids to play in their hotel.

All these exciting features can please customers.


Mobile is still the key player in improving techs for the hotel sector. So, they need to allow two-way communication with their customers.

Also, they are now making applications that can serve their customers better. These apps can offer:

  • Bookings
  • Remote check-in or check-out
  • Hotel map
  • Services (in-room dining, laundry) 
  • In-app restaurant menus and bookings
  • Chat with staff
  • Room key function

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