Digital Transformation Hong Kong: Becoming a Smart City

Digital transformation Hong Kong is seeing a rising effort to be a Smart City. And they are doing any steps they can to reach this goal.

What are these goals, then? Let’s take a closer look at that in this article.

Digital Transformation Hong Kong: Smart City Goals

Hong Kong is rising to be a digitally advanced city. It’s named the 3rd most advanced digital economy in Asia and the 9th in the world.

Also, Hong Kong is one of the top growing economies in Asia. And this is thanks to new-age digital capabilities. Only behind Singapore, South Korea, and Japan.

In its efforts to better become a smart city, its focus is on six key areas. These are Smart:

  • Mobility
  • Living
  • Environment
  • People
  • Government
  • Economy

Let’s look at some of these key areas in detail.

Smart Mobility

The public transport in Hong Kong is one of the busiest. As there are 12.9 million passenger journeys every day. And vehicles are heavy in the streets of Hong Kong.

So, smart mobility is what they are looking at to solve urban challenges and make a better living.

Some of the steps they are taking are:

  • In-vehicle Units or IVUs. This will allow motorists to pay tunnel tolls without the need to stop at toll booths.
  • Electronic Road Pricing or ERP. This is a traffic management tool to ease traffic.
  • Autonomous and zero-emission vehicles. They plan to trail these in the West Kowloon cultural district.
  • IoT-Augmented Airfield Service System or AS2. This is a cloud-based, service-oriented system. Used to better the Hong Kong International Airport’s operations. 

Smart Living

To better the lives of residents, Hong Kong has over 20,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots. Also, Hong Kongers use a lot of applications in their daily lives.

Apps for ride-hailing, subscription digital entertainment services, and e-commerce. The use of e-wallets is also becoming more common.

In healthcare, they are also making better systems to use. Like an electronic prescription system and electronic record sharing systems.

Other steps they are taking are:

  • e-IDs for all residents. This is a single digital identity and authentication. Used in government, commercial, and online transactions.
  • I&T fund. This is to aid in trial use of tech products for the elderly and rehab service units.
  • Big Data Analytics Platform. This is to support the adoption of a smart hospital made by the Hospital Authority.

Smart Government

The government of Hong Kong wants to use technology fully. This to give information and services to its people.

So now, there are 226 e-government services available. Also, these are the other steps they are taking:

  • Government Wi-Fi program. This is to make Hong Kong a wireless city.
  • Gov-HK mobile apps. This is to give residents information and alerts.
  • Electronic Transactions Ordinance. This is to give e-signatures have the same legal status as paper signatures.


Hong Kong residents are yet to consider the area a smart city.

But with all these steps they are taking, they will soon rise to be a better smart city. One that gives a meaningful change in its people’s lives.

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