Digital Transformation Google Technologies

Digital transformation Google shapes the future of the digital world. How does Google make innovation through software?

Read on to learn more.

Digital Transformation Google

Google’s research shows that those who adopted digital transformation gets more benefits. Companies can save up to 30% of their expenses. Also, it can help increase their income by 20%.

But, the reports say that only 2% of businesses are doing transformations.

Thus, Google promotes digital transformation. They also outlined the five As of a successful one.

  1. Audience – how you identify and engage with customers
  2. Assets – bringing the best customer experience
  3. Access – maximizing your target market
  4. Attribution – knowing the customers’ value
  5. Automation – simplifying tasks while enhancing performance

How will these principles help?

Companies can equip themselves properly. Thus, they can apply a successful digital transformation.

So, how did Google applied this framework? We will learn about that by discussing their line of technologies.

Digital Transformation Google Technologies

Google Duplex

Duplex is Google’s AI voice interface. This technology amazed many people.

During the IO 2018 of Google, Duplex called a hair salon. It also booked an appointment. All done by a machine.

Imagine how many reacted to that smart interface! This new technology can help many industries. Such as medical and healthcare.

With that, nurses and patients can get real-time information. Doctors can also give specific instructions. No need to search through data rows!

Google Hub

Google also created a UI that works perfectly with AI. An intelligent design-system helps give less-clutter.

Moreover, Google Hub helps people with daily tasks. It shows you how to start your day at 6:45 a.m.

It also suggests to you what dress to wear. By looking at the weather.

Besides, it helps you plan your schedule. By looking at the traffic or your commute style.

Google Assistant

On the other hand, Google Assistant is trained to make guesses. These guesses are based on your behavior or environment.

So, if you need something, Google will learn that for you.

Google Lens

Google also created another feature. They applied the Google lens that reads photos.

For example, you want to get the address on a menu. Or maybe you want more info about a product. You can just use your Lens to scan it.

Moreover, it is especially helpful in e-commerce. It can also assist in safety manufacturing. Thus, companies can spot workplace issues.

Hence, they can be more efficient. Also, they can save money from liability or mistakes.

Photographic Bracketing

You may think that photographic bracketing won’t help business. But let’s unpack this technology.

Bracketing takes many shots around a single millisecond. It also uses different settings.

Also, it is effective in unexpected shots. For example, your subject moves. Or if it’s a natural moment, multiple shots are great.

Thus, if bracketing is applied in UI, it is a great addition. How?

Some online file drive offers different versions. Like or the popular Dropbox.

So, these systems can be more flexible in so many areas, like:

  • editing
  • data recovery
  • multiple access
  • removing errors
  • saves time

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