Digital Transformation Examples To Inspire You

Digital transformation improves businesses. In this article, we will rank the top successful digital transformation examples.


Digital transformation is different in many industries. But there is a common area. It solves the problems of businesses with digital technologies. More so, it improves them by making new digital processes.

How important is applying digital transformation? Here are four reasons.

  1. Boost the experience of your customers.
  2. Improve your data collection.
  3. Make you unique from competitors.
  4. Create unity with your employees.

Digital Transformation Examples

Most industries that apply digital transformation include:

  • services (95%)
  • finance (93%)
  • healthcare (92%)

Here are some digital transformation examples that inspire you.

Best Buy: From Snail Mail to Digital Marketing

Best Buy’s CEO applied the new digital perspective. Because of that, they became a leading technology company.

Although it took them seven years, it grew their customers’ behavior greatly. As a result, it increased its stock price from $23.70 in 2012 to $74.

Moreover, they switched from snail mail to digital marketing. Thus, it enabled the following services:

  • personalized assistance
  • product recommendation
  • price matching program
  • delivery times

Target: Improved Digital Presence

Target developed strategies for digital transition. Thus, more and more people now know about their company.

Moreover, it increased its stock value. From $53 in 2016 to $88 today. Target’s revenue also increased by $6 billion.

They applied the following strategies:

  • new store technologies
  • online ordering
  • social media presence
  • web presence

Additionally, their stores are more focused on their customers. Thus, they can easily find new products. They can also access popular brans easily. Lastly, they can conveniently buy online.

Home Depot: Enhanced Customer Shopping Experience

Home Depot expanded its digital transformation strategies. They also enhanced the shopping experience of their customers. Thus, it helped them give high-quality products and services.

Besides, they built a high-end IT department for these technologies. Because of that, their stock value rose from $135 to $215. Home Depot’s revenue also grew by $17 billion.

Hasbro: Multichannel Marketing

Hasbro’s market share was slipping in 2012. So, they made new digital strategies.

They also collected customer data. And it helped them in making marketing campaigns. In addition, Hasbro used social media to target parents who buy toys and games.

Besides, they combined a lot of marketing styles, such as:

  • video content
  • social media ads
  • digital storytelling
  • multichannel marketing

As a result, their stock rises from $36 in 2013 to $109 today.

Nike: Dramatic Digital Campaigns

Nike felt outdated. So, they applied a digital transformation to their brand. Thus, it helped them connect with their customer base effectively.

They focused more on the following campaigns:

  • supply chain
  • powerful data insights
  • updated online store strategies
  • strong digital marketing
  • membership opportunities

Because of that, they developed their product. Nike also created the latest trends. Thus, it resulted in an increase in stock price. From $52 to $88 for two years.


These are just a few digital transformation examples. It is a result of updating their digital technologies and processes.

We have seen a rise in their stock prices. And they became leading companies of innovations in many industries.

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