Digital Transformation Example in Different Sectors

What is the real-world digital transformation example? And how does it change the way different sectors in the world today run?

Digital transformation has changed the way every sector runs. May it be in marketing, finance, retail, and many more.

Many innovations are popping up here and there, year by year. And this has made the customer experience even better. But in turn, it raised customer expectations and demands.

In this article, we will be looking at the digital transformation example in some sectors. And we will be seeing what that means for them and their customers.

Read on to know more.

Digital Transformation in Marketing

Digital transformation in retail has one aim. It’s to gain more customers while spending less money.

And an effective digital-marketing means two things. It’s: 

  • getting quality leads
  • getting them closer to their customers, may it be new ones or old loyal ones.

Then, there are two key ways digital transformation helped improve the marketing sector. These are:

  • cheaper digital marketing materials versus more pricey analog media. Example: e-mails are cheaper to no costs at all versus printed campaigns.
  • marketing automation, analytics tracking, and customer engagement became possible.

Also, digital transformation is made for more personalized campaigns. This is versus the one size fits all from the past. And because of this, marketers can now become closer to customers.

Digital Transformation in Banking

Banking benefited from digital transformation in a large way. And this has made its customers experience better.

Before, customers need to wait in line to do basic transactions such as withdrawal. All transactions were handled by bank tellers.

Then, when banking started a digital transformation, ATMs were born. Before, all it can do was inquire and withdraw cash. But the time went by when it can do more services.

It can now accept check deposits and give more secure transactions. Also, it can now handle different accounts such as credit cards and mortgages.

And in the more recent years, digital transformation made banking even better. Today, online banking is now possible with the use of mobile devices and PCs.

Also, there are now cashless payment systems. Customers can now transfer funds, pay bills, and do other bank business electronically.

Digital Transformation in Retail

Retail is one of the frontrunners when it comes to digital transformation. And this changed in-store retail and gave way to e-commerce.

Digital technologies made a better retail experience. Both for the customer and the retailer. Some of these are:

  • loyalty cards
  • e-coupons
  • automated inventory
  • retail analytics system

Also, digital transformation made personalized customer shopping journey possible. One example of this journey is:

  • First, the customer shows their phones to use e-coupons.
  • Retailer’s digital system then tallies what they buy
  • The digital system track customer behavior trends
  • It tallies this info into inventory and purchase systems
  • Then, the system makes personalized customer journey events. Like e-mails and SMS messages.

Last Words

Today, there are many other ways digital transformation helps these sectors. And many others, too. Try to look around you. What digital transformations can you notice on how we do our daily lives before versus today?

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