Digital Transformation DX

Digital Transformation DX. This is popular today especially during this time of the pandemic. 

A lot of people do not go to malls today because of the danger of the virus. But, it will not mean that the business should stop.

One reason is that the economy of the country will affect because of the business. So, they should think of an alternative to do to still run the business. 

Digital transformation DX is the best choice. Let us now see what is this platform all about. 

What is Digital Transformation

This platform gives way to business owners to convert their items online. It is from being available in-store to also getting visible online. 

Even during the situation of the pandemic, the consumers spend most of their time online. You need to have a good strategy for your business. 

So, it will be an attractive advertisement. 

How Can You Use Digital Transformation?

One way is to research which platform has several audiences. It is also like choosing where to stand your business. You will choose a place with a lot of passersby.

The most popular is social media. One good thing about this platform is that everyone uses social media. You can choose Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram. 

Also, there will be no age limit. From teenagers to older ones, they use social media. 

So, the best you can do on this platform is to be creative in your advertisement. An arrangement that will move the viewers to buy your product. 

Another way is to also learn more about e-commerce. This is not social media. But, it is a platform that is like an online mall. 

So, a lot of people are still using this system. You can create a store of your own. Then, you can manage it with the arrangement. 

The advantage of e-commerce is that you have all you need in one system. You will take note of the orders that you will be receiving. 

Also, the system will record the contact information of the customer. It will also be a quick help in the settlement of your money. 

This will benefit you and your customer. You will be convenient. Also, the customer will trust your service and will order again. 

Also, it will receive a good review because their items were also quick to ship. 

Digital transformation is new. But, do not worry about how to learn the steps. 

There is an advancing technology that will guide you along the way. 


Digital Transformation is not a substitute for store business. But, there is a huge advantage if you also use it as your market. 

Also, you can advertise on a lot of platforms. Make sure that you will consider the number of your audiences. 

Social media is one of the big help to make your products popular. It is because all varieties of customers are browsing through the platform. 

Also, you may consider e-commerce. If you plan to make it all online, it is best to put it in on the online mall.

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