Digital Transformation Customer Experience

Digital transformation customer experience. How does it make it better? Customers’ expectation of a good customer experience is getting higher and higher.

So, digital transformation is what every sector is doing to meet these expectations. And a lot has changed in the way businesses engage with customers.

With all the available technologies today, companies have a lot of options to choose from. And so do customers.

In this article, we’ll see how digital transformation makes a better customer experience.

Digital Transformation Customer Experience: Effects

Digital transformation can change every area of a business. But the area that it can change the most is customer experience.

After all, this is the end goal of going through this journey. To make everything better for the customers. And this is true for a lot of companies.

A survey was made with companies doing a digital transformation. Then, 40% of them say customer experience is their top priority.

Also, 72% said they expect this shift to get them closer to their customers.

That is why we are seeing the birth of many advances like:

  • e-commerce shopping
  • personalization
  • new communication channels

And this proves to be effective. Because how a customer looks at a brand depends on the experience they had with it.

So, in what areas do digital transformation make a better customer experience?

Digital Transformation Customer Experience: Making it Better

Online Information

With digital transformation, it is now possible for companies to give info online. And this is makes looking for company or product info easier for customers.

Then, customers can also look at a list of what they have bought before. They can also track, cancel, or return and order by themselves.

This makes it convenient because customers do not need to wait for an employee’s help. And it also frees up time for the employees to help other customers with harder issues.


Automation is becoming more advanced these days. It makes it possible to answer basic customer questions and issues.

Also, it can automate simple tasks such as follow-up emails or ticket prioritization. So, this lessens the basic tasks an employee needs to make so that they can help customers even better.

And today, more and more customers prefer interacting with computer-based apps. This is because they feel it is more polite, available 24/7, and answer questions faster.

Knowing Customers and Tailored Content

More data are available today than ever. And customer data can now be collected as long a company is clear and honest in how they use them.

Also, customers like it better when companies give offers that matter to them. And they are more likely to avail them. This is versus giving out one-size-fits-all offers that doesn’t really fit all.

So, digital transformation helps with this matter. Companies now use customer data to give out personalized content and offers.

Last Words

So, with all these digital transformation efforts, customer experience is getting better. And this does not end here. Companies today are still looking for ways to keep getting better.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for customer experience in the coming years.

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