Digital Transformation Consulting Services

Who’s here for advice? We all do. We want to have digital transformation consulting services to provide us that. Consultants are essential to businesses. Moreover, the services provided by consulting agencies are essential.

It creates a significant amount of value for an organization. Also, they help develop strategies for business’ growth or project management.

For the DT trend, we will look at how Web Essentials do consult services.
Furthermore, we will look at how they apply real-examples for their company.

But, let’s first take a look at how digital transformation benefits us.

The Benefits Of Digital Transformation

Efficiency: It streamlines decisions and processes
Productivity: Because of automation, tasks are less time-consuming. Thus, less workforce.

Insights: It generates new data because of an automated process. As a result, insights are the keys to improvement.

Customer service: They will have the ability to respond to customers. By responding through automation.

Competitive advantage: The productive you are, the better your position will be. The chances are high that you’ll reign on the competition.

A Digital Transformation Consultant’s Job

Digital Transformation consultant or consulting company’s role is to help an organization be more profitable. How? By using technology as a tool for implementing strategic changes.

Web Essentials Way

  • Assess the customer’s current position & needs
  • Develop client strategies around digital solutions
  • Assist in the development of business cases for new digital transformation projects
  • Analysis and design of key user journeys

Real-Life Examples

Let’s get back to reality. These projects that the Web Essentials did provide digital transformation consulting services for:

Increase Efficiency And Transparency

For a local government, the web essentials develop an eVoting System. It permits the real-time display of the results.

As a result, there are fewer resources needed to gather and analyze the records.

Connect Vendors To Leads

LeadsScan is an app that digitalizes the traditional business card transaction. They create LeadScan with the help of an exhibition solutions company.

With this app, exhibitors can scan the visitor’s badge at their booth. Then, collect their ticket data, and add notes, tags, and follow up actions.

Also, the lead process is faster. It gets the information they needed because of the digital process.

Reduce Administrative Overhead

For Swisscom, we created an event management software. This software uses technology to connect people with the same interests. Because of this, people can set up their events and form an online community.

Furthermore, it will reduce administrative overhead. As admins could approve events instead of having to set up each event themselves. Thus, fewer people.

Digital Transformation, to some, can be very broad, scary, and overwhelming. But, taking small steps in the right direction is a must to make it happen.

Yet, digital transformation is often associated with fewer jobs. Technology has become the trend these days and human labor is declining.

Machines replacing human labor is a controversial topic. This topic divides people’s points of view.

Instead of disappearing, jobs will shift. Then, there’s a need for people to improve their skills.

To conclude, humans need machines and machines need humans. For it to work, both must do their part. We are living in a world where digital transformation also resides.

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