Digital Transformation Challenges Of Businesses

What are the digital transformation challenges? And how can you overcome each of them?

Let’s find out!

Digital Transformation Challenges

Almost everyone has switched to digital nowadays. We can even see most people holding their smartphones.

These help them in making a lot of things. Such as making decisions, finding what they want to eat, to name a few.

It may seem like positive changes. After all, traditional processes are getting boring.

But these changes can be challenging for businesses. Why?

They are unlikely to adapt to changes. Besides, using new technologies are not cheap. Additionally, applying digital transformation actually requires a bit of risk.

Those are just some of the digital transformation challenges. Let’s try to delve deeper.

Customer Experience

Customers value experience above all else. Whether they shop offline or online, they nitpick customer experience.

Reports even show that good service is the key to compete with other businesses. In fact, a bad experience will make you lose customers.

As we know, one of the goals of DX is to enhance the customer experience. So, businesses must focus on how they deliver service.

If they improve the customer journey, they can keep their customers longer. So, do not just win sales. Aim for a quality service.

Remember: good service means customers will stay. And loyal customers mean stable growth.

Employee pushback

Your employees are your pillars. Without them, there is no support for your business. But, they can also be a challenge.

Some employees may not adapt to digital technologies. Thus, it can affect your structure and advancement.

Also, some of your skilled staff may be busy with other tasks. So, they cannot train others.

One way to overcome this is to make your business customer-focused. A popular company named Zappos applied this.

They have so many competitors. So, they decided to stand out in the following areas:

  • high-quality service
  • employee training
  • customer-focused culture

As a result, they acquired $850 million with Amazon. And putting customers first helped them.

Multichannel Marketing

People do not just use one channel in buying things. They may look on your website, social media, or even your physical store. Thus, it is what we call multichannel marketing.

Of course, there are still people who prefer to shop in-person. But, digital presence is critical. Studies show that you can lose 57% of customers without a digital presence.

The solution? Market your products in different channels. It means that you need to sell on:

  • marketplaces
  • social media
  • website
  • physical stores

And as other companies show, it is worth the risk and investment.

Poor Analytics

It is much more difficult to collect data now. And that is because of the surge of technology users. Moreover, failure and poor analytics will be your loss.

Analytics will help you understand your customers. Without that, you cannot deliver a good service or product to them. Thus, you can waste your efforts and money.

One way to solve this challenge is to use AI technologies. Artificial technology is a DX trend.

It improves data collection greatly. Experts also believe that it can make your service be personalized for your customers.

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