Digital Transformation Certificate Stanford

Digital Transformation Certificate Stanford introduces you to the basics of digital transformation providing examples from business to core issues of change.

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We exist in a period of rapid transition. For businesses to prosper in this environment, innovative approaches and techniques need to be used. Further, to consistently develop, replicate, and reinvent procedures and to enhance consumer interactions. Moreover, Digital Innovation offers the ability to alter the way the enterprise works to expand and stay competitive over time.
It’s not about whether the company is changing digitally. However, this curriculum gives an overarching roadmap for the company’s digital transformation. Besides, it integrates validated tools and technologies that can be used in business divisions. Including HR and finance, marketing and product/service creation, manufacturing and distribution, to complete, sustainable, and successful the business transformation.


This brief preview course will give you a taste of what you will expect from the Stanford Digital Transformation Certificates Program. Further, introduces you to the basics of digital transformation. Besides, they introduce introductory ideas, providing examples from business to core issues of change. Similarly, ranging from digital society to data processing. Further, with the first of Stanford professors Pamela Hinds and Cheryl Philips.
This course is not an outline of digital transformation. It is a precious foundation focused on one of the most common materials we provide.

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In periods of transition and insecurity collaborate on productivity and resilience within company divisions. Analyzing the results in new ways to determine the best Develop teams. Furthermore, excelling in a digital society that incorporates emerging technology and processes. Finally, to apply tools and methods of artificial intelligence to support your clients and employees effectively.

Who’d register?

This software is suitable for small groups or persons wanting improvement. If you introduce several individuals from the same department or include them within the enterprise, you can learn the skills. Hence, create a powerful digital cultural organization through the entire organization. Further, incorporate technologies and procedures effectively and build stronger consumer interactions.
Take this software completely at your own speed and online. We can take the courses in any order, but we suggest that you start the XDGT100 Digital Transformation Foundations.

Digital Transformation Certificate winning

By completing eight (8) courses in the curriculum you will receive a Stanford Digital Transformation Credential. For courses of this duration (5-8) hours, it is advised that the course is to be done roughly two hours a week in 30-60 days.

Education Continuation Units

You can receive 0.5 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) by completing each XDGT training. CEUs are not applicable to any degree from Stanford. The transferability of the CEU is subject to the policies of the recipient organization.

Pricing for Group

Learning with your peers will lead to improved collaboration, stronger teamwork and real improvements in your company. We welcome you to engage as a collective in these courses. Email us at and we’re going to help us locate the best community price bundle.

Certificate completion period

Courses are still available online. After admission, students will be offered 60 days of course access. Each course lasts between 5 and 8 hours.


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