Digital Transformation Blog To Follow 2020

2020 has been a year of a lot of changes. That includes the field of digital transformation. There is a digital transformation blog available online. These will surely keep you track of the latest trends.

Cisco – ‘Tomorrow Starts Here’

Cisco aims to help CIOs. That is in their innovation pursuits. Also, this goes well with the leaders who are with them through the way. Because blogs herein are designed to educate them well. For example, with the digital transformation information and trends.

Cisco believes in the power of digital transformation in shaping the business’ tomorrows. Moreover, that is when they start connecting the ‘unconnected’ today.

You can check their website here:

Hakuna Matata Solutions – ‘The Happiness Of Digital Excellence’

Hakuna Matata Solutions is one of the most stabilized Digital Transformation Companies. Their name itself, suggests the positivity of digital transformation will bring.

Moreover, the name ‘Hakuna Matata’ is inspired by the Lion King Movie. Also, this means ‘no worries’ or ‘no trouble’ in Swahili.

Their blogs are available online. Also, their blogs are especially beneficial for enterprises. FOr example, the following are what their blog is more about:

  • The IoT (Internet of Things)

You can check it out via this website:

Forrester – ‘Challenge Thinking. Lead Change’

On the other hand, Forrester blogs focus more on bringing the latest trends. Into business and technology leaders. Because their aim is to help these professionals build customer-obsessed strategies.

For example, the approach of their blogs is more advanced. Since they are targeting the CIO’s in their digital transformation ventures.

You can check their blog at

Axway Blogs 

On the other hand, this site aims to provide the latest news, trends, and insights on hybrid integration. They cover the following topics, for instance:

  • Agile approaches to integration
  • Healthcare Digital Transformation

You can check their site at

Wipro Digital Blogs – ‘Applying Thought’

Their digital transformation blog focuses more on interaction, integration, insight, and innovation. That is because this is a pre-eminent digital transformation partner.

Moreover, Wipro Digital Blogs are especially helpful for CIOs. For instance, their blog is packed up with the latest news, and insights. Of digital transformation and everything in between.

You can check their site at

Frost & Sullivan Blogs

This is a company that offers advisory services and expert insights. Moreover, their blog claims to deliver information ‘from breakthrough technologies to exponential growth’.

In addition, their blog is developed in a way that will benefit even aspirants of digital transformation. Because their expert experiences and lessons are featured here. So you can consider this blog as a free online resource for digital transformation. 

For example, they feature the current news. Also, the latest digital transformation procedures. Not to mention the thought leadership that they have. Moreover, you can subscribe to their free newsletters to keep yourself updated.

You can check them at

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