Digital Transformation Automotive: Top Trends In 2020

Digital transformation automotive is advancing nowadays. Also, more and more consumers demand a better experience. Thus, automotive companies work hard to apply digital services.

How is it advancing these days? And what are the top trends of digital transformation automotive in 2020?

Digital Transformation Automotive

Like any other industry, automotive goes digital. Investments in digital transformation increase every day. That is because of the rise in consumer demand.

Most people want everything to be digital. In fact, almost of all us cannot imagine life without a network connection! Why?

Also, many of our daily activities require devices. So, up to 76% of companies invest in technologies. They do that to stay competitive.

Moreover, some companies even apply artificial intelligence. Research also shows that 15% of customer service transactions use AI by 2021.

And the automotive industry is not exempted. People want full digital connectivity. So, automotive companies adopt new trends.

2020 Trends of Digital Transformation Automotive

Digital connectivity

Connectivity is not just an addition. Consumers demand this feature.

Moreover, drivers want to access apps, music, and even their social accounts while driving. So, automotive companies build vehicles that feature.

Also, these manufacturers give drivers the convenience of driving while accessing apps. Some of them even offer cars with Wi-Fi connections. Thus, they believe that selling cars without digital connectivity is difficult.

Consumer-focused culture

Digital transformation automotive allows the following:

  • keeping track with supply chain processes
  • lowering supply costs
  • faster design, making, and delivery process
  • improved feedback
  • more flexible production

IoT and Digital Transformation Automotive

Digital technologies like IoT results in high maintenance. It also predicts the failure of production.

Moreover, these IoT connectivity tools gather data about the car. Then, it will be uploaded to the cloud. Next, it will check the risks of the car’s software and hardware.

After that, it will send an alert to the driver. He will know maintenance or other service is needed. So, these tools can also help drivers avoid accidents.

Secured and Protected Data

The automotive industry works with security firms. Why? These data need to be secured. It includes:

  • driver’s information
  • traffic patterns
  • frequent destinations
  • geolocations
  • and much more

If not protected, it can leak private information. So, it is a trend that automotive manufacturers look for new ways to secure it.

Autonomous cars

It is also a trend to build cars that need no driver. Thus, manufacturers should focus on passenger safety. So, it makes the experience more wonderful.

Also, they give attention to the effectiveness of this new transformation. These companies also invest in:

  • connectivity
  • electrification
  • automation

Additionally, electric cars are new in the market. So, automotive companies apply a digital approach to this new trend.

Digital Car Buying Experience

In some car showrooms, only a few cars are displayed. They now use video screens to show it and its features.

Moreover, buying and choosing a car can be stressful. It can be hard both for the buyer and the salesperson. 

But, buyers can research first online before visiting the showroom. All thanks to the digital transformation automotive.

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