Digital Transformation Australia: Gravitates Towards Digitization

Are you ready for Digital Transformation Australia? Well, Australia now starts to adopt digitization. So let’s consider some of the major trends in Australia at present.

The Digital Transformation Australia

Australia is now moving ahead with Digital Transformation. Let’s look at the changes it will bring to Australia. Also, we will consider some areas of transformation.

The Govpass Digital Identity Scheme

Not long ago, the government implements a scheme. This scheme is aiming to ensure all government services become accessible through digital channels by 2025.

The Australian government has already spent AUD 200 million for the past 5 years. It’s such an investment for this National Digital ID platform.

Moreover, the use of biometrics within this system aims to ensure privacy and security. Additionally, this project also focuses on improving national security and commerce.

However, there are concerns for digital transformation. For instance, this digital ID scheme seems to be “shrouded with mystery.” And also, two government firms offering Identity Service Providers, have information consolidated in one place.

Thus many people are in doubt. That it may expose them to the possibility of stolen or compromised personal information.

The Digital Payments

Australia’s payment revenue is expected to grow by 2025. With a growth rate of 3.7percent to more than $23 billion. Hence, a sizeable portion of that is also expected to be displaced due to digital payments’ growth.

So banks need to adopt digital payments to stay ahead of the competition and survive. This also brings new competitors. Examples are completing payments through virtual wallets. As well as instant payments and others.

Therefore, those who take advantage of this opportunity most likely to survive in this digital era. On the other hand, those who don’t keep the pace will end up being replaced. While moving to digital transformation in Australia.

Blockchain And The ASX

ASX means “Australian Securities Exchange.” Currently, it’s building the world’s first industrial-scale blockchain use case. They’re enhancing their products and services. But aside from that, they improve enterprise risk management. Moreover, they position the ASX as a leader in the technology sector.

Further, at a time of digital transformation, ASX upgrades its trade equity trading platform. This means new functionalities and upgraded web preferences.

The Enterprise And The Cloud

More businesses now move towards cloud applications. Survey shows that about 75 percent are deploying or currently moving into the cloud.
Moving into the cloud is practical for businesses. However, they have to expect some challenges along the way. Why?

Because they to choose the right cloud approach. They also have to make consistent investments in IT services. This will help ensure that their business is keeping up with change.

Note also that company executives need to be on board. Or even involved in stages of cloud application adoption. Because this allows businesses to gain clarity on their journey towards digital transformation.


We have just discussed a few of the many facets of digital transformation. Australia now takes steps in certain areas. But, other areas need improvements.

Thus, Australia needs to create a strategy. And move forward with the digital transformation process.

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