Digital Transformation And Innovation: The DIfference

People often used digital transformation and innovation interchangeably. But, they are different in the digital world.

So, what are the differences between the two? And how can you apply them?

Let’s find out!

The Difference Between Digital Transformation and Innovation

The biggest difference between the two is speed. How?

Digital transformation takes time. It has processes that you need to achieve.

Yet, innovation is instant. It gives sudden creativity. And more often, we apply that to the strategies immediately.

Moreover, digital transformation is the next step of innovation. It is the process of applying technologies.

Also, it improves business. It has the following goals:

  • helps meet the customers’ demands
  • widening the reach of a company
  • enhances the image of a company

On the other hand, innovation has the following goals:

  • encourage applying tools
  • collaborate with people

Additionally, innovation has an ending. But, transformation is an ongoing process.

Challenging Expectations Through Digital Transformation and Innovation

After applying the transformation, innovation will challenge expectations. Let’s take social media as an example.

Social media affected how marketing works today. More and more people communicate through it. Also, you can access it whenever and wherever you are.

Moreover, new technologies appeared. Such as smartphones and other devices. Thus, businesses applied transformations to support those innovations.

It also reshaped the standard of communication. It includes:

  • entertainment
  • news
  • content
  • business
  • recreation

Social media is now part of our lives. And businesses take notice of that. So, they connect with their customers through social media.

In this example, social media is the innovation. And businesses applied a transformation to reach their customers.

Digital Transformation And Innovation, Not Always Related

Some transformations lead to innovations. In other situations, it is the opposite.

But, they are not always related. Why? Innovation is not really needed to apply the transformation.

For example, adopting digital technologies can help a company. It can:

  • improve the IT systems
  • apply the Internet of Things for industries
  • modernize records

In these cases, digital transformation is possible without innovation.

Also, another difference is their results. Innovation helps lower the costs of operations.

Yet, digital transformation helps speed up production. Thus, work is more efficient. Its results are also more accurate.

Innovation leads to better products

Apple is the leading company that innovates. They update their products constantly.

One example is call tracking, one latest technology. It helps them rank way higher than competitors. It also satisfies the customer.

Thus, they work hard to think about new technologies. They do not just respond to demands. They also think outside the box.

Transformation optimizes the whole market

Digital transformation improves the market rapidly. Let us take Google for example.

Search engines are useful in our times. Now, Google constantly optimizes itself. So, they continue to give correct results.

They also transformed by using AI and ML tools. Thus, they continue to meet the demands of the whole market.


With all that said, should you transform or innovate? We believe that exploring their difference will help.

Digital transformation and innovation are different. And determining how you can benefit will help you know what’s best.

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