Digital Transformation Advisor: The Hands-On Consultant

Do you need a digital transformation advisor? Well, many succeed in delivering digital transformation. But, there are still many who are not equipped to do the transformation on their own. So this is where these advisors can help.

Digital Transformation Advisor And Its Roles

Digital transformation advisors help organizations identify ways to become more profitable. And they put in place strategic changes with the help of technology.

They analyze a company’s infrastructure. Also, they focus on meeting the long-term strategic objectives of the company. Moreover, they can work as independent contractors.

Or directly for a consulting company. Aside from that, often collaborate with many departments within a company.

They also need to create relationships with management. Because it will help gain approval for their recommendations. It’s important because they often provide recommendations on the best work processes for a company.

Why Need A Digital Transformation Advisor?

The World Economic Forum said that more than 70% of CEOs believe they need a digitally-led transformation of their business model.

But only a few are putting it to practice. Additionally, CEOs and business leaders need guidance for their transformation journey. Provided the market volatility and high stakes involved.

Characteristics Of A Digital Transformation Advisor

Advisors Who Are Also Doers

Leading businesses seek more agile and hands-on advisors. Instead of a team of brainy consultants.

Has Deep Expertise In The Field

The primary reason why businesses seek digital transformation advisors is their deep expertise. They are experts in industry, delivery, and technology.

Enterprise leaders need collaborative guidance. Thus knowing how to apply innovative data engineering, analytics, and AI technologies is an essential quality of leading advisors.

Know-How To Use Innovative Technologies To Create Tailored Solutions

Digital transformation advisors must consider organizational constraints related to people, processes, and technology. But, the technology aspect of digital transformation is easy for some. One industry analyst said, “Sociology is harder than technology.”

Advisors must also have agility. So they can adapt to the company’s changing environment.

Yet many firms struggle to achieve this skill combination. Thus this is where a trusted digital transformation advisor can shine.

Find Your Trusted Advisor

As for successful business transformation, reinvention is important. So look for advisors who have the following traits:

  • Ability to adapt their legacy business model. The best advisors are willing to challenge and disrupt. They’re also willing to transform their business to transform others.
  • They can do so. Instead of just giving advice. Strategy and advisory services are both important. But they’re just a small piece of the transformation process. So, select an advisor that has the capabilities. Not only to reimagine your business. But also has the expertise to tailor solutions and get the job done.
  • Has the willingness to own outcomes. Your advisor’s success should also tie to the business’ success. So select an advisor that has deep process knowledge. A knowledge connected directly to business outcomes. And that is also built on innovative value share models.


No doubt, digital transformation is scary and overwhelming. But small steps in the right direction is a good start already. Moreover, digital transformation advisors can help you successfully advance in your business.

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