Digital Transformation Academy Bridging The Lock-down Onward –

Digital Transformation Academy Bridging The Lock-down Onward gives a glimpse of institutions that bridge us from industry to education while keeping safe.

Global IT

Digital Transformation Academy (DTA) is a premier global IT training company. Hence with a mission to bridge the gap between industry requirements and the current existing skill sets in the market.Further, over 20 years of experience and helmed by proven industry experts. Similarly, DTA, through its strategic partnerships with BAC Education and APEC, offers a wide variety of programs. Besides, designed to provide a high application-oriented and participative style of training. Further, incorporates industry-focused training methods. Hence, to meet the training needs of students, professionals, businesses, and home office users worldwide.

So whether you are looking for that first job, or reskill yourself for a different role, DTA can help. Rather, updating yourself with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the IT industry, a solution is near. Subsequently, DTA’s highly dynamic and affordable programs are the right choice for you.

21st century DTA

Training at The Academy” Online-Offline (O2O)

Education at the “Academy” online-offline (O2O): The Academy, our educational brand, focuses on technology, innovation, and digital leadership skills. Moreover, for world-renowned architecture and business schools worldwide, or for businesses and individuals. Furthermore, we build online and offline education.

Learning material in the 21st century

We curate the institution’s course content or provide business training and growth. Moreover, in the fields of artificial intelligence, media psychology, and cognitive science. Furthermore, innovation process, brand strategy, integrated thinking, and technology management.

Learning Network of the 21st Century

Innovation, and thoughtful architecture – from pre-school up to the Master level. Further, we teach courses (and instructors)in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Spanish, and Italian.

Virtual Meetings and Presentations

For high-level presentations or panel discussions all over the world, our senior team members are available. Besides, we also curate our own think-tank activities for O2O under the brand “Crossover Dialogues.”


C Executive Suite (CEO, COO, CMO…)

Curriculum with an emphasis on preparation and assessment of digital change.


Startup and entrepreneur courses and services – Acceleration phase through the MOJO @Connect

Graduate and Bachelor in Final Year

Exciting practical classes for bachelor’s final year and PG students as well as project-based seminars. Hence, Using ICPEM Modeling Process for MOJOs.

Ionology DTA

Why build your digital academy?

An efficient way to develop an internal capability in government and business

Industry Built

Company experts create the content.


We emphasize practicality and early theory gains

Flexible incorporation

Integrates with procedures currently in operation. Besides, there are blended and online classrooms.

Related Work

Both cases used the approaches taught


You will be adapted by the L&D team

Pleasant non-techy

Many courses do not require professional expertise in advance

In-house coaches for Upskill

Trained choices for the trainer

Way far off

With additional app channels optional


Certification of the industry

LinkedIn DTA

Cultivation chances…Digitally! 

Transformation digital… Courses, programs, advice.. Trainings & Seminars Internet Marketers


Consequently, the growth framework for small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups

Towards action-study

We hold the Centers and sessions of the Academy in India, Great Britain, Dubai, and Canada. Moreover, in the years that followed, we tried fresh ideas and tested them. Today, we focus only on education–an ambitious project that has envisioned the founder. However, this creativity to leverage new technology, clarity of perspective, and benefits to people. Moreover, on the ground and cultures in which run through all our business activities.

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