Digital Transformation 2018 Trends: A Surface Review

What are you doing in 2018? Well, let’s take a look back at the digital transformation 2018 trends. Probably, we still have no idea what digital transformation was.

Today, we are facing the rapid growth of digital improvements. Yet 2020 has been a year of drastic changes to all of us.

For companies, they are experiencing the new normal on the business side. However, these changes come with greater opportunities to evolve.

But, where was the digital world in 2018? Here lies a surface review of what digital transformation was in 2018.

Hopefully, we will see how the digital side of the business has evolved for the past few years.

AI Chatbots On The Rise

Artificial Intelligence, as the name suggests, is a machine-based intelligence. Moreover, these programs include a neural network consisting of neurons.

Neurons, then feed data into each other. As a result, these chatbots are able to carry specific tasks.

Common examples of AI technology are Apples’ Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana.

These tools are essential for businesses worldwide. It makes it possible for machines to learn from experience. Not only that but also adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks.

Internet Of Things

Well, speaking of IoT, I can guarantee you that there are at least a few things in your house associated with those. These are things that can be associated with the internet like phones, printers, CCTV, laptops, and more.

Nowadays, almost everything is running through the internet. Thus, paving the way for people in business to adapt. As a result, more and more opportunities are created and digital transformation is very well on the rise.

There are three main threads connecting to the IoT core.

Businesses can track real-time data thanks to IoT and analytics.

You can access data wherever you are using the cloud system. It helps you process and store data faster. Thus, enabling more efficient real-time applications that are critical to companies.

In 2018, the world was introduced to the 5G network. Early Deployment has been Successful. Serving as front liners for this change are Intel and Nokia. Distributing them to a wide spectrum of industries.


cloud providers are offering blockchain as a Service for increased security measures. Although blockchain is popular before, it began sprouting in 2018.

Most companies, especially smaller ones are hesitant to adopt blockchain. These blockchain trends disrupt industries and departments from banking to HR.

Blockchains are associated with bitcoins and cryptocurrency. However, some domains are not into it. Yet, blockchains bring a system that is difficult to hack, change, or cheat.

The argument is just getting started back in 2018.

Augmented Reality over Virtual Reality

In 2018, more and more businesses are choosing Augmented Reality over Virtual Reality. Aside from its low-cost, companies can create demonstrations easily and adds digital elements to a live view. All of these while being in the real-world.

Examples of augmented reality experiences include Snapchat lenses and the game Pokemon Go. 

On the other hand, Virtual Reality implies a complete immersion experience that shuts out the physical world. 

Examples of VR devices are HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Google Cardboard. Then, these devices can be used to transport users into different worlds and scenes like riding at the back of a dragon.

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