Digital Adoption Australia: Top DX Trends in 2021

Uncover digital adoption Australia trends in 2021. 

As 2020 paves the way from the burst of the pandemic, 2021 is sure to become a year of cultural change. Organizations will be redefining their structures and their digital maturity, by all means.

In fact, IDC forecasts that in 2022, digital-centric organizations will respond up to 50% faster and better with business disruptions. This is in comparison with organizations managing to restore existing IT and business resilience.

Certainly, the pressure is high, and the spirit to thrive is alive with the digital transformation pushing. So whether if you are keeping abreast with the latest DX trends of Australia, this post is for you.

After all, keeping yourself on the pace of developments can help you better make decisions. Perhaps for driving innovative changes right, especially in the midst of an economic crisis.

The Pandemic Impact 

Aside from the physical and health issues, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the globe in so many unforeseen ways. 

For businesses and organizations, culture disruption is experienced. Also, the forced WFM setups for the human workforce caused more cybercrime opportunities.

Because of these changes, in 2021, businesses and organizations, including in Australia, are redefining their businesses.

True, no one is ready for the quick notice of change in such a short period of time demand. But the ones who are resilient enough to adapt have seen thriving results, compared to the ones who still manage with the existing processes and ways.

So here are the top DX trends in Australia in 2021.

1. Edge Acceleration

Because of the increasing push for work-from-home setups, reports forecast that up to 80% of investments will be in edge computing. This is due to the changes in business models in most industries.  

Moreover, through edge computing, the transmission of data will be more convenient. Thus, reducing latency issues, for instance.

2. Hybrid by Design

It is expected that by the end of 2021, most industries, of up to 80%, will be shifting towards hybrid technology. Perhaps to cloud-centric foundations and applications of even double the rate before the pandemic started. 

3. Cloud-Centric IT

As more services and workloads rely on the web, more industries will be investing in cloud-centric technologies. Above all, the pandemic seems to be staying for quite some time yet. So investing in such far-sighted technologies can be worthy enough.

4. Digital Resilience

In the coming years, especially in 2023, it is forecasted that up to 75% of ASX companies will be committing to a more technical workforce. 

These investments will be more hybrid and advance in nature. The purpose is more than just to adapt to technology. But for the teams to enable working together real-time even when physically apart.

5. More Automation Investments

As the people workforce will be working more remotely, more automation initiatives will flourish. Moreover, automation will not only address the need of the pandemic. But automation can also address both efficiency and time-sensitivity, all at the same time.

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