Cybersecurity Websites: Keep On The Track Of Cyber Safety

Cybersecurity websites provide the latest trend in cyber safety. Also, experts, cybersecurity platforms, and providers- all share insights. Thus, all you need to know about cybersecurity in a single website is nothing but a gem.

The Trend Of Attacks

It is no wonder how data breaches, malware, and phishing, headline the news almost every single day.  Also, millions of dollars along with millions of data being compromised.

The rise of cybersecurity jobs is continually increasing in demand. Moreover, attacks are also increasing in sophistication.

Thus, you should get ahead with these trends of attacks. How?

Cybersecurity websites can help you do so. Some of these websites provide a mix of available resources.

For example, may it be in form of:

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Visual illustrations

All of these are provided to keep you on track. 

Keep you on track with the latest cyber news. Also, insights from tech journalists, and professional hackers. 

So, what are these websites? See this list for your potential resources.

Cybersecurity Websites 

The Hacker News

This website started in 2010. Moreover, the website has its mission to: “educate people on how to use the Internet in the safest way”.

‘The Hacker News’ has a total of more than 8 million monthly subscribers. Moreover, each year The Hackers host a conference.

Features of this site:

  • Breaking news of cyber attacks- daily
  • Educate about vulnerabilities
  • Can subscribe to their newsletters

Daniel Miessler

This website is more like a personal blog by Daniel Miessler. However, his blog is all about cybersecurity and technology. 

That is because Daniel himself is a cybersecurity expert for more than 2- years At the same time, he is a writer. Also, on his site, he publishes podcasts. 

Being an expert and professional in the field. Daniel has been featured in publications globally. Also, Daniel is a sought-after speaker in cybersecurity conferences.

His website offers the following:

  • Malicious advertising examples
  • Bad metrics
  • Podcasts
  • Cybersecurity news through weekly newsletters


CSO serves as an online newspaper. Moreover, the website is more suited for enterprise-level CIOs. Because they’re the ones who imply security decisions in an entity.

Thus, the contents of this website are designed to keep them on track.

However, the contents are more on the technical side of security.

CSO offers the following:

  • Cybersecurity articles
  • Video stories
  • Independent research
  • Cybercrime reports
  • Security conferences

Dark Reading

Dark Reading is best for those who want to engage in cybersecurity discussions. Moreover, registration is free. And you will be updated with the latest news and community features.

The website is more suited for those who are looking for enterprise-level security resources. Because they do feature analytics, attacks, and breaches. Not to mention IoT security and threat intelligence.

Adam Shostack & Friends

Adam Shostack is an author. An author of ‘Threat Modeling: Designing for Security’.

This is a blog featuring content all cybersecurity relevant. What’s more, is that the website is organized into neat categories. Thus, you can easily find what you’re looking for. Not to mention fun blog posts inside.

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