Cybersecurity Startups: The Best Of 2021

The influx of cyberattacks and crimes creates a gap of much need in cybersecurity gurus. Thus, many aspiring cybersecurity startups are pursuing the industry. 

Moreover, look at these top cybersecurity startups to watch for in 2021.

Axis Security

Axis Security is founded in San Mateo, California. 

Moreover, this is a private cybersecurity company. Also, this company is backed by Ten Eleven Ventures. Along with the Cyberstarts and Canaan Partners.

  • Cloud-based solutions for application security
  • Moreover, this allows more scalability
  • It also connects the users to any private or public application. That is without interfering with the application of the network.


  • Total Cloud Security Platform- combines cloud access security brokerage and zero-trust network access. Not to mention the on-device secure web gateways.
  • The Bitglass releases its 2020’s Insider Threat Report. As a result, this has caught much attention. Because of its insights from its interviews to a leading cybersecurity platform.

Insider Threat Alert

Based on the Bitglass’ Insider Threat Report:

  • More than 60% of surveyed companies experience insiders attack for the past year
  • 22% reported at least six

Cado Security

Cado Security has a primary goal of identifying the root causes of security incidents.

  • Aims to help in better and real-time security incident response.
  • For instance, by preventing potential data breaches and security incidents
  • Performs deep forensic analyses
  • Cado security is founded on analytics components
  • Also, helps companies to better comprehend an attack’s impact, in all environments

The Confluera

  • Helps companies to find sophisticated security attacks with corporations
  • The platform aims to deliver an independent and wide scoped cyber kill chain tracking and response
  • Moreover, the Confluera helps to detect and prevent attacks from the navigation
  • The startup uses machine comprehended threat detection
  • Aims to stop attacks in real-time
  • Promotes security freedom among companies. Because their platform wants to promote more focus on their nature of work. Rather than spending much time in security.


  • Privacy-preserving data engine
  • This is done through the company’s data scientists. Not to mention its developers. Which allows for creating and developing analytics. And this is done with the help od a ‘data fleet’
  • Data fleets make sure optimum data protection.
  • Protection is possible with the help of federated computation advancement
  • Also, data fleets transfer learning and encryption
  • Data fleets help the company manage between innovation and privacy
  • All of Data Fleet’s initiatives are for data science acceleration


  • A banking industry cyber security provider
  • Launches their DefenseStorm GRID: their automation solution for banking industries
  • The DefenseStorm’s GRID helps in real-time monitoring of the bank’s network
  • Thus, the DefenseStorm aims to provide real-time security status for banking industries

The Enso Security

  • AN ASPM platform (Application Security Posture Management)
  • Helps to have application security control
  • Systematically protects applications
  • Enso discovers application inventory and risk

Certainly, these budding cybersecurity platforms are off for a great field in the cyber world. They ought to fill the gaps of need in security.

With the rising need for cyber security every passing day. These startups are sure to make their mark in this industry.

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