Cybersecurity Australia: 2020 Strategy Overview

Cybersecurity Australia. What is the strategy that the Australian government made? And how does this ensure better cybersecurity in the nation?

Cybersecurity is rising to be more and more vital in every sector. And that is most true for governments all around the globe.

In one report, Australia is on the 6th spot for the highest target country for cybercrime. Also, the country had 16 big cyber attacks within the last 14 years.

Then, with the rise of the pandemic, there was also a rise in digital technologies. Thus, opening more opportunities for cybercriminals to attack.

So, it is clear for the Australian government to make its move. What are their strategies? Let us see.

Cybersecurity Australia: 2020 Strategy

The Australian government rolled out its Cybersecurity Strategy 2020. In this, they have a budget of $1.67 billion for the next 10 years.

Then, two areas will receive most of these funds and will receive a total of $1.35 billion. These are:

  • Australian Signals Directorate or ASD
  • Australian Cyber Security Centre or ACSC

Further, they plan to use this fund for:

  • fighting cybercrime
  • build new systems to share info with other sectors. May it be about hacker tactics and operations, cybercriminal groups, and more.
  • put in new tech and process to block fraud websites and viruses before reaching the public
  • widen data science and intelligence or cyberspies if you may
  • transform the Joint Cyber Security Centres and making it aid SMEs

Then, the SMEs can also contact the ACSC to ask for online cyber training. This is to upskill their staff and get help 24/7.

The $320 million left in the budget is for many programs. And most of it is aimed at the business and education sectors.

The strategy aims to better online protection for different parts of the community. These are:

  • The government itself
  • Businesses
  • People of the community

So, let’s take a look at the list below to know key strategies in each part.

Key Strategies for the Government

To drive better cybersecurity, the Australian government is aiming to:

  • Protect vital infrastructure, services, and all households.
  • Fight cybercrime and also on the dark web
  • Protect the government’s data and networks
  • Share threat report
  • Strengthen cybersecurity partnerships
  • Aid businesses to meet security standards
  • Better the security capabilities

Key Strategies for Businesses

The Australian government is also making efforts to aid in the efforts of businesses. So, these are the key strategies they need to do to take part in the government’s efforts:

  • Better security for vital infrastructure
  • Uplift cybersecurity of SMEs
  • Give secure products and services
  • Grow a skilled workforce
  • Block cyber threats

Key Strategies for the Community

Of course, the community needs to take part in this effort as well. These are the key steps with aid from the government:

  • Access information and cybersecurity and apply these
  • Make informed buying decisions
  • Report cybercrime
  • Access to needed help and support

Final Words

It is still too early to say if this strategy is an effective one. So, let us see in the coming years if the Australian government will get good results.

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