Companies Digital Transformation Strategy Examples

Most of the startups were digital-born. But what are mature firms’ digital transformation strategy examples? How do they keep their competitive edge on the industry?


As it begins to happen, most firms have been digitally born, which gives them a great advantage. Compared to the more mature firms who don’t have a foot through the door if it comes to digital technologies.

Thus it is exciting to explore. Such as how well-established large firms apply digital transformation methods to their strategy. A way to maintain their success on the market.

Digital Transformation Strategy Examples

The challenges of the digital age are closely connected to technology. And also to digital transformation strategy.

Many firms are also struggling to manage their digital goals. While there are those that strategy stands out. That’s why they, thanks to the adoption of the latest technologies. Because it has strengthened their power.

In this article, we’re going to look at the success stories of different firms.


Volkswagen (VW) will spend 4 billion dollars in 2025. To strengthen its digital platform.

The massive investment would not only allow Volkswagen to attract customers. As the automotive industry is undergoing a digital transformation. But it will also allow the company to take on rivals who are trying to launch similar strategies.

As a result? The capital investments, five million latest Volkswagen product vehicles will be linked. To the Internet of Things every year from 2020.

Further, different options for mobility will also be offered to customers. For the hope that they will soon be adopted into their everyday lives.

For instance, they create a solution. This allows car owners to also have packages transported to their cars. Instead of a specific address. And also an integrated billing parking app. As well as in real-time customized location-based suggestions.

Domino’s Pizza

Listening to reviews from customers and promoting digital content. These helped Domino to be declared the largest pizza firm in the world. Also, to finally get over his old competitor Pizza Hut.

Also, it is no wonder that four-fifths of Domino’s revenues today came from digital platforms.

To get where they are now, Domino has changed the firm’s overall mindset. Converting this from a fast-food firm into a firm full of program recruits. Even digital marketers, as well as other tech staff.

Moreover, they also change the entire organizational structure. The focus also turned to digital marketing and advertising. As a result, Domino’s is really an “e-commerce firm that sells pizza.”


Starbucks’ digital marketing strategy remains an important part of its success. And it continues to pay off. In particular, along with the creative use of data processing.

For example, Starbucks has adopted an even more objective method since 2008. When it refers to getting their stores in place. They now use data such as the density of population and average income. And traffic trends to determine the target areas for a new location as well.

Starbucks uses research also. To inform the match menu and product offerings with customer tastes.

Meanwhile, interactive menu boards have begun to be tested. That will help Starbucks to transform the item you want to drive. Also, to increase revenue effectively, based on time of day.

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