Cognizant Digital Transformation Framework

What is the Cognizant Digital Transformation Framework?

Cognizant Digital Transformation

Cognizant helps companies improve their customer engagement. They also offer products and services. These help companies to be more competitive.

Moreover, Cognizant believes that a successful DX framework is crucial. It is also necessary to solve business problems. So, they can jumpstart their digital journey.

Cognizant’s Framework has four sections.

  1. Customer Experience
  2. Products and Services
  3. Processes and Systems
  4. Organization

Cognizant Digital Transformation Framework


Customers are an important asset in a company. So, companies must work hard to satisfy their wants and needs.

To do that, they must get valuable insights from internal systems. One method is using CRM.

CRM means Customer Relationship Management. It identifies the purchase history of a customer. These data are also called digital footprints that customers leave.

Cognizant has the Code Halo service. It gathers information around the following assets:

  • customers
  • processes
  • organizations
  • devices

Thus, companies can get data from customers’ experience. They can even learn about their preferences. Also, their buying habits.

Moreover, Code Halo offers the following services:

  • Customer insight
  • Omni-channel communication
  • Digital marketing

Products and Services

Selling products is one thing. But, companies should also sell experience.

Moreover, smart products can get data. Especially those connected to the Web, or the IoT.

Thus, these data helps companies to:

  • monitor the usage
  • offer additional service
  • detect issues
  • maintain systems

Also, Cognizant offers digitalization in:

  • Web-connected products
  • Pay per use
  • Usage prediction

Hence, companies can anticipate their customers’ needs. They can also match how to satisfy them.

For example, a company launched a smart toothbrush. It has sensors that scan your teeth. So, the user will know if there are problems.

Code Halo creates valuable information, like:

  • user’s brushing habits
  • dental hygiene history
  • dental health

So, this information can be sent to the dentist. Thus, he can give feedback. Also, he can schedule an appointment if needed.

Additionally, Code Halo can send this information to the manufacturer. Thus, the company can make improvements.


Cognizant has digital technologies. This helps improve the operations of a business.

Thus, by applying automation, companies can be more agile. This is important to remain competitive.

Moreover, they can make quicker development of products. For example, Cognizant offers big-data analytics. It helps services run more smoothly.

Also, the cloud can help faster processing of operations. Finally, mobile tools enable workers to work anywhere. 

In addition, Cognizant offers:

  • customer-focused platforms
  • agile work methods
  • mobility of tasks


Applying a value chain helps a company give end-to-end services. Also, digital solutions can help them work closely. Thus, it can help companies be part of a larger ecosystem.

So, Cognizant offers digitalization in:

  • collaboration of employees
  • innovation of products
  • skills
  • virtual teamwork
  • partnerships

Moreover, it helps employees be connected with others. Thus, each department can collaborate.

With that, even those who work far can still access files. They can also share ideas. Thus, a digital mindset helps them enhance their efficiency.

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