Codelco Digital Transformation: Process Optimization In Mining

For mining companies, innovation is a systemic and vital necessity. Read more to understand the Codelco digital transformation in the production processes.


Codelco realizes that creativity is systemic and vital. So, they have combined the firm with innovation following this goal. 

In the year 2015, they formed different sections. Thus, Startups, inventors, and scholars are beginning to question the technology industry. 

So, this will become part of the future. Also, they develop together sophisticated scientific capabilities. 

In automation, networking, shipping, and defense systems in particular. Thus, this covers biodiversity, bioengineering, and IT. 

Codelco Digital Transformation

The new arrangement helps us to overcome a range of market challenges. So, development should do identify and prioritized. 

Taking into account deep-term mining needs and threats. Also, we have built-in this domain.

Also, the governance structure has to be more transparent and collaborative. Thus, the aim is to gain skills in many stages. 

Since for Chile’s growth, the integration of Codelco is no longer required. Yet, it is a possibility for capacity building. 

Also, this extends to institutions, centers of science & technology, and firms. So, those who provide technology. 

Moreover, this raises shift pace and strength. Also, the firm’s development. 

ThinkCopper Technology

The first-ever competition for creative theses is ThinkCopper. In November 2015 it was in the coal sector. 

Also in the deal made on CMM in June 2015. They encourage the firm to foster emerging technology growth. 

Thus, this includes fields such as seismic interpretation of fluids transfer. So, microorganisms do use to regulate pyrite aeration.

Next, they use water from seawater. Also, during the decomposition process, particles may then do find, and some others. 

Continuous Underground Mining Technology

Since it is a revolution in science. So, Codelco would lead to increased efficiency by 5 percent. 

Reduce running expenses by 20 percent. Also, they control this as an electronic process. 

So, only to remove gold and at the same time. Also, this is from many mining sites in mining operations. 

Thus, the speed of mineral production improved. Also, the productivity of persistent processing.

Equipment Automation Technology

This software does mean to ensure the loading of LHD equipment. So, they use separately for mineral extraction. 

Since in some operations this is occurring. Also, ore charging and transportation, for example.

But working from a reception area center. Also, this can be a few km far. 

Thus, it uses state-of-the-art technologies from other scientific sectors. So, reducing radiation levels for operators. 

Hydrometallurgy Technology

This is the potential for recycling. Also, it provides for extracting solvents and electric pumps. 

So, the mining firm is exploring indirect therapy. Because of the depletion of oxidized ore.

In the developmental research process, the firm has inventions to date. Yet, this device does create by BioSigma biosorption. 

Microbes do use for the extraction of the copper from the extracted mineral which is not used. Also, it is now called Run of Mine, ROM.

Moreover, to present the findings are positive. Today, this technology is in market validation. 

Hence, it is the last production period. This technology includes a philosophy of collaboration with Gabriela Mistral.

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