CISO Tips: How To Boost Security Programs?

Security programs need to be boosted to its optimum level today. In this article, we’ve gathered the best CISO tips. To help you tailor your security needs to its optimum.

CISO Tips 

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving. Thus, this should be considered throughout the game plan. 

The following are CISO tips for the CIOs.

Keep Business Objectives In Mind

While it is a challenge to keep the business running. It’s also a challenge to integrate security practices. 

Thus, keeping business awareness should top the matter. Also, take note that this is not a one-time achievement. But rather, it is a continuous pursuit.

For instance, matters involving the following:

  • Business goals
  • Products
  • Services
  • Challenges
  • Business strategies

Summing it all up, making security decisions should be in line with business objectives. To do this, executives must be thoroughly involved in security. Because security should not degrade a business. Instead, security should contribute to the business’ prosperity.

Deliberate Positioning

The company should know where security stands in business. To do this, executives and everyone in the company must know the security’s value.

Thus, everyone should be aware of its essential contribution to the business. Doing so will help everyone in the company go and act together towards safety. 

A company can do this by:

  • Open communication about security
  • Efficient training about cyber safety
  • Cyber Safety Protocols implementation

Build The Core Security Team

This is probably one of the best tips. 

However, this is not all about merely building a team. But this team should make up with passion and skills.

Passion is essential to keep the ‘startup mindset’. Because the more someone works, he may lose motivation. But with someone who has passion, security should be their aim. Thus, a ‘startup’s mindset’ opens up more ideas of security initiatives.

Moreover, skills should blend with passion. A set of experts build a strong core team. So the team provides value to the company.

This will be the team focused on technical changes of the network. Moreover, their security solutions should always be under the supervision of the executives.

This Core Team can also communicate with other departments. And this is where cyber safety awareness comes. Because they can provide the necessary training for other employees.


Developing an optimum security program will not work unless everyone does their part. 

Right tools, processes, compliance measures, and advanced technology build the program. But it takes more for success.

Thus, communication is vital among anything. Communication basically means to listen and to speak. In providing security solutions, it also takes effort to know when to speak and listen.

Moreover, implementing changes in your security industry takes time. And teamwork speeds up the process of success. So aim to encourage open communication about security.

  • Open reporting of suspicious contents or mails
  • Handle regular meetings of cybersecurity awareness
  • Let anyone have their share to voice their ideas about security

In conclusion, building a strong security program is nothing but a complex task. But, when everyone has their share. The complexity of load lightens. Protection is easily achieved.

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