CISO skills: 5 Must-Have Skills For Every CISO

Today, every organization needs a capable Chief Information Security Officer. What are the top CISO skills? Why is this officer needed? 

Significance Of CISO

Before, the role of CISO was purely technical. For instance, tasks involve antivirus protection. Also, maintaining credentials protection, and firewall securities.

Moreover, rather than remain on the technical side. CISO today is more on the executive team. That is because security today is one of an organization’s top priorities. Because security means business. 

However, as technology advances, so do cyber attacks. Thus, much more is involved in being a CISO. Although such skills and tasks remain crucial. But, additional soft skills are necessary for a CISO to be effective.

So what are the skills needed to be an effective CISO?

Top CISO Skills To Look For

Resilient Communication Skills

An effective CISO knows how to communicate effectively. That is, both to their co-businessmen and security officers.

Thus, CISO must be sensitive as to whom they communicate with. And then adapt to how they speak with them.

  • For instance, when speaking with the members of the executive team. An effective CISO must know how to speak in business terms. As a result, the message shall be conveyed professionally.
  • On the other hand, it is when they’re speaking with non-technical employees. The CISO shall be resilient with his terms and language. 

Certainly, whom they speak, and how they speak contributes to good communication.

 Good Implementer Of Policies

Suppose the organization has set good documentation of their security policies. However, these policies are of no use without proper implementation.

Thus, an effective CISO knows how to effectively implement these rules into the system. This involves proper communication of these policies to all employees.

Knowledgeable Enough Of Business Goals

As already stated, CISO today is more on the executive side. Moreover, security is closely linked to a business’ success.

Thus, a high-performing CISO is well informed about the business processes. Also, he should put business missions into consideration along with security.

Besides, this is where good communication also plays. He should communicate well with the other executives. That is to further discuss business operations. And to sync their implementation of security into the business’ mission.

Proficient In Regulation & Compliance

Moreover, businesses should be aware of regulation and compliance standards. This is especially in need because there are various rules with legalities. 

So the CISO must be proficient with it. This ranges from the internal security policies to the federal rules and regulations with security.

Failure of compliance puts the organization at risk. For instance, the risk to legal issues and therefore risking the company’s reputation.

An Organized & Shrewd Planner

A high-performing CISO beware of future incidents. Thus, he is never complacent but is aiming for preparedness. 

This involves:

  • Preparation- of an effective incident response plan. 
  • Identification- of possible intrusions. Moreover, this involves early and constant detection of malicious intents.
  • Remediation- This is in case an attack occurs. CISO ensures resilience to security measures. Because business continuity should be prioritized.

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