CIO Today: An Evolving Role For Businesses

CIO today

With each year, CIOs are improving together with the technology itself. The CIO today is more than ever needed in businesses.

Let’s look at how the role’s evolving change impacts business leaders. We will look at what the business staffs have to say for the CIO today.   

CIO Evolution In 2020

First, let’s talk about how CIOs have become these days. Prosperous CIOs have become business leaders of digital business units. Or, they have enabled IT to build a digital backbone.

As digital transformation efforts progress, alongside organizational changes like the ones Adobe’s Stoddard describes, the CIO role continues to evolve. 

Steve Hall Of ISG

He is the president of the technology research and advisory firm.

According to him, successful CIOs have become business leaders of digital business units. Also, they have empowered IT organizations to create a digital backbone.

This is to accelerate the move to hybrid cloud environments and new operating models.

Stephanie Overby Of Enterprisers

She recently reported about CIO. She said that struggling CIOs in these areas have lost some of their responsibilities to other business units or functions.

Rahul Singh Of Pace Harmon

Rahul Singh is a managing director of Pace Harmon, a management consultancy firm. 

To him, CIOs are “Chief Digital Innovation Officer”. CIOs help the company grow and become a data-driven enterprise.

According to Singh, CIOs need to gain a better understanding of how to cost-effectively operate new digital technologies. More importantly, understand the specific business their enterprise is in. 

Also, to better understand what specific business they are in. Besides, to know how IT can be helpful as a driving force. That is to drive new revenue opportunities and accelerate company growth. 

Ankur Laroia Of BDO Houston

CIOs are business strategists and change leaders say the managing director at BDO Houston. Also, the fit is not always natural.

The CIO role is also seeing a return of decision-maker clout with vendors and consultants in digital transformation work, versus line-of-business heads.

Patrick Heffernan Of Technology Business Research

“We’ve seen a swing back towards IT as decision-makers as digital transformation starts to mature,” says senior analyst Patrick. 

Nowadays, CIOs are at the forefront of key decision-making. Especially when it comes to implementation, change management, and sustainment.

Therefore, they have become targets for IT services vendors and consultancies.

According to Heffernan’s prediction, CIOs will take a more lead on hiring. Also, to train and to develop that personnel on the enterprise.

Chris Bedi Of ServiceNow

To him, CIOs are handed keys for business’ digital transformation. 

Like the CIO, the CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) is also walking towards a more strategic role.

As a result, the CIO (Chief Information Officer) and CHRO are partnering more numerous. That is to make the employee experience as great as the customer experience.

IT and HR teams, to Chris, are aligned at a high level. They want to create great and new experiences. All this while also focusing on different initiatives.

To achieve both, IT and HR will begin to work together more closely. Thus, it creates a common framework and language, as well as a joint plan.

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