CIO Skillset Every Company Wants: Full List and Definition

What is the CIO skillset every company wants? What does it mean to have these skillsets?

The roles of a CIO today is changing. And companies expect more of their CIOs. So, CIOs need to fulfill these expectations to succeed in their roles.

So, let us dive deeper into this article to know this CIO skillset.


CIOs today lead the digital transformation efforts of organizations. If companies don’t undergo a successful transformation, they will die.

So, CIOs need to know the value of digital transformation. And how it is different from mere digital implementation.

Business Insight

Business insight is vital for CIOs today. This is because they need to align their digital transformation with business goals.

Thus, they need to ensure they aid in the company’s growth not only on the technical side. But also in raising revenue. 

Team Development

The ability to build solid teams is not enough. CIOs need to be able to make vital cultural change.

Then, they need to change their team’s focus. From focusing on delivery deadlines to focusing on business outcomes.

Strategic Thinking

Strategies for new revenue, better performance, or lesser costs. Seeing the vision take place, business outcomes, end state, and operational changes.

CIOs need to have the skill to think about these and get these ideas into production.

Project Execution

Project execution and turning failing project around is a vital skill. CIOs also need to better the project management skills of their teams.

Then, making sure failing projects are long gone in the company’s dictionary.


Communication is vital to let the executive committee know about the changes they want to do. So, CIOs need to educate them.

Then, they need to ensure they get feedback from business partners back to IT. And drive digital literacy with everyone in the company.

Business Partnership

CIOs need not build business partnerships only with their C-suite peers. They need to look at the partnership levels below them.

So, they need to know how to balance this and make new relationships.


CIOs need to know how to use data tools, have a data engine, and more.

But they also need to be able to aid their clients and business partners in this area. Helping them change behaviors and make a data-driven business.

Technical Depth

CIOs need to be dual players. Being able to be an effective leader while at the same time being technical.

So, they need to know how to do cloud migration. Or know which IT architecture is better than the other. Or in general, being able to dive deep into technology when needed.

Information Security

Chief Information Security Officer or a CISO is vital for a company’s network security. So, CIOs need to have the skill to hire the right CISO for their clients.

But if they can’t find one, the CIO needs to be able to wear the CISO hat.

Vendor Management

Vendor management isn’t about contract negotiation and driving down costs anymore.

CIOs now need to find new vendors that give them niche solutions. Those that are right for their changing business.

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