CIO In The New Normal

CIO in the new normal. 

Everyone is affected by the pandemic. Even the most popular store is not exempted from it.

But, the business should still continue. They need to make an instant strategy about it. 

Why is it important to cope up faster?

It is because they will lose a lot of money if they do not act fast. 

That is why after planning, a lot of CIOs made a good idea of how to do it. 

After months since the new normal went, they found an effective way of doing it. 

In this article, we will know what they do offline. At the same time, how did they do it now during the pandemic? 

What CIOs Do Before Pandemic

The Chief Information Officer is usually in the office.

It is because he needs to meet with the members of his team.

If they are together, it will be easy for them to change a decision because they can just call right away. 

He is the one to lead the group in the growth of the company. 

Since they are more focused on the digital side, they have to stick together.

By that, they will know the progress of each other. 

Also, it is an advantage because they can just motivate one another. 

They will have a conversation during the breaks. At the same time, they will continue immediately on their work. 

Now during this pandemic, everything may seem so difficult. 

Why? Let us find out. 

CIO In The New Normal

Chief Information Officers also attend many meetings. How do they do it now?

It is through a webinar. It is a videoconferencing way of gathering together. 

It is good because they can stay at home. At the same time, they will not always have exposure to the people outside.

But some of them have different strategies as well. They do not go to work every day. But, they choose a schedule to go to the office.

It is because they will make sure that everyone will follow the social distancing. 

When work does not require intense training, employees can stay at home. 

So, they still need to follow the usual work time. But, they do not need to go outside. 

This is an advantage because they can still do a lot of jobs done. Even if it needs adjustment at the beginning. 

Also, they still have to work at the same hours. So, it will help them to feel that they are still at work. 


This unexpected turn of events is really challenging for us.

But, CIOs made a great way to continue the work even by staying at home.

So in the new normal, everyone is now in the process of adjusting. 

It is important to still work together even online. It is because everyone needs to feel that they are not alone. 

Also, it is a great way to know how everyone is doing. It will keep the team has motivation. 

So when things will be back to normal, it will be good. 

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