CIO Digital Transformation Roles And Responsibility

Learn about the role and responsibility of CIO digital transformation. Also, learn the significance of this position in your company.

Introduction About The CIO Digital Transformation

The CIO plays the important role in the digital transformation process. They are to supervise the process of the technology departments. 

Starting from the people up to the resources of the process. Moreover, CIO is accountable for driving your company’s innovation.

Also, revenue-generating ideas. CIO of the digital transformation is responsible for investigating or gathering data about technological status. Such as the following:

  • Prowess
  • customers services
  • speed of the process.

However, let’s take a look at the major role of the CIO.

The CIO Digital Transformation: Its Role In Your Company

Yes, the CIO is responsible for the process of digital transformation. Also, they are working with more cross-functional teams.

It is all departments within your company. Also, the CIO is expected to lead the company’s innovation. 

So they need to speak up and seize the position. It can be very easy for a progressive CIO.

However, for others that got skills but not confidence, they will be in doubt. Without a doubt, they can not lead the company.

So what they should do?

The CIO Should Be Have The Following

Things a CIO must do to convince its shareholders that he or she is capable enough to achieve the success of the digital transformation.

  • Shift The Focus
  • Eliminate routine work and also the operational problems
  • Talk the talk
  • Build or create a right team
  • Create the opportunities and skills

CIO To Be Stronger Holistic Thinker

The CIO should be strong and holistic thinking. But not just that, he or she should be the following:

  • acting enabler,
  • revenue creator,
  • and orchestrator

The CIO that has all of this has a greater success in innovation. Moreover, this is the only way to help the company.

More About The CIO

  • CIO should know how to make things easy. They should able to come with solutions, agile, and transparent. It is in order for the company to be at ease.
  • Also, they need to make assurance in the process of the user adoptions.
  • Co-driving the digital transformation. And making a shift in all aspects of the business.
  • Putting the needs of the company by initiating training.
  • Putting first the stakeholders and also the businesses. It should be starting with customers, users, and business partners.
  • Giving assurance in the company that every, such as resources and skills are present in the process.
  • Making a move in pointing out the key aspects of the company needs. It should be in the account in order to succeed in the transformation.
  • They need to be the focus on the process of the change. Moreover, that is the center of their responsibilities. Also, encourage other stakeholders to be serious on their part.
  • As a CIO they should make sure to be an orchestrator of the cloud systems. We all know how important cloud ecosystems are. It needs to behave the following:
    • focus on the speeds,
    • agility,
    • business capable

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