CIO Digital Transformation

Embrace Digital Transformation

How to embrace digital transformation in our company operations? Also, what are the following benefits in implementing it?

Embrace The Digital Transformation: How You Will Do It?

So the digital transformation nowadays is very popular and helpful. Digital transformation is a process where industries embrace the technology in terms of using it in operations.

Also, it is another way of changing the culture in your company. It is like a human transformation using technology.

Moreover, researchers say that almost $1.3 trillion is spent in this transformation. So it covers the following industries:

  • Services,
  • Software,
  • Hardware

It is according in the year of 2018. So expect that today it is more than that.

Why? Because in additional research each year there are over 16% of the increase.

So here are the following takeaways to embrace the digital transformation.

Takeaways To Embrace The Digital Transformation

We have here the five takeaways that you should not miss on.

  • Learn the advantages of the technology in your company.

Know that in the digital era, everything is not just about making a great product. However, making a product that will solutions to some problems.

Yes, a great product is still a must. But never focus on that. You should know how to use your technology or product in a manner consumers want.

Also, take note, your company itself will never know or define a technology unless tested.

  • Be knowledgeable enough in terms of the digital.

Know that technology is moving fast. They upgraded so fast.

So educating is not the only option. However, knowing is also a must still you need to learn every day.

You should have an open mind to what is new, what is trendy now. Moreover, always remember that resources are just around the corner.

Such as online ebooks, the internet, websites, YouTubes, and some e-learning platforms. Therefore, you make use of it.

  • Be ready to embrace the changes.

Some of the biggest companies in the industries failed the transformation as they failed to embrace it. 

Therefore, how you will do it? Be risky, yes it is a risk. However, you will never know what will the result.

Who knows you will find the diamond you are looking for.

  • Be a partner in the best or top digital experts.

Always choose the best or experts to be your partner in this journey. You know what is best for your company and your employees.

Therefore, it is best to do an assessment or evaluation before choosing one.

  • Adopt the following technologies as soon as possible.

There are technologies nowadays that you should not miss. Here are the following:

  • Mobile,
  • IoT,
  • Social media,
  • Cloud, and
  • Analytics.

Reasons And Benefits Of Having The Digital Transformation

  • The transformation will help your business more speedy in thoughts.
  • It improves collaboration. How? It breaks the barriers within your company.
  • Empowering your staff through upgrading their skills and capabilities in terms of the technologies or digital.
  • It improves the way your delivering of customer service.
  • It lessens the cost and increases the savings and profit. 
CIO Digital Transformation

CIO Digital Transformation Roles And Responsibility

Learn about the role and responsibility of CIO digital transformation. Also, learn the significance of this position in your company.

Introduction About The CIO Digital Transformation

The CIO plays the important role in the digital transformation process. They are to supervise the process of the technology departments. 

Starting from the people up to the resources of the process. Moreover, CIO is accountable for driving your company’s innovation.

Also, revenue-generating ideas. CIO of the digital transformation is responsible for investigating or gathering data about technological status. Such as the following:

  • Prowess
  • customers services
  • speed of the process.

However, let’s take a look at the major role of the CIO.

The CIO Digital Transformation: Its Role In Your Company

Yes, the CIO is responsible for the process of digital transformation. Also, they are working with more cross-functional teams.

It is all departments within your company. Also, the CIO is expected to lead the company’s innovation. 

So they need to speak up and seize the position. It can be very easy for a progressive CIO.

However, for others that got skills but not confidence, they will be in doubt. Without a doubt, they can not lead the company.

So what they should do?

The CIO Should Be Have The Following

Things a CIO must do to convince its shareholders that he or she is capable enough to achieve the success of the digital transformation.

  • Shift The Focus
  • Eliminate routine work and also the operational problems
  • Talk the talk
  • Build or create a right team
  • Create the opportunities and skills

CIO To Be Stronger Holistic Thinker

The CIO should be strong and holistic thinking. But not just that, he or she should be the following:

  • acting enabler,
  • revenue creator,
  • and orchestrator

The CIO that has all of this has a greater success in innovation. Moreover, this is the only way to help the company.

More About The CIO

  • CIO should know how to make things easy. They should able to come with solutions, agile, and transparent. It is in order for the company to be at ease.
  • Also, they need to make assurance in the process of the user adoptions.
  • Co-driving the digital transformation. And making a shift in all aspects of the business.
  • Putting the needs of the company by initiating training.
  • Putting first the stakeholders and also the businesses. It should be starting with customers, users, and business partners.
  • Giving assurance in the company that every, such as resources and skills are present in the process.
  • Making a move in pointing out the key aspects of the company needs. It should be in the account in order to succeed in the transformation.
  • They need to be the focus on the process of the change. Moreover, that is the center of their responsibilities. Also, encourage other stakeholders to be serious on their part.
  • As a CIO they should make sure to be an orchestrator of the cloud systems. We all know how important cloud ecosystems are. It needs to behave the following:
    • focus on the speeds,
    • agility,
    • business capable
CIO Cybersecurity

Taking A Deeper Look at CISO Must Haves

The role of the Chief Information Security Officer is not for everyone. Therefore, the role presents many CISO must haves for success. 

The demand for CISO roles keeps on growing. The skills of these executives enhance the organization’s security program. Moreover, CISOs keep the organization on track. Furthermore, they guide companies in times of crisis and change. 

Before, the CISO role was primarily focused on firewall configurations and password policies. Indeed, information security aspects remain important today up to indefinite time. However, the CISO role matured to business leadership responsibilities. In short, CISOs are now recognized as a crucial member of the executive team, not just being on the technical side.

Choosing a CISO might be tricky. In this article, we’ll help you see the CIO must haves to help your organization be successful today and in the future.

CISO Must Haves For Education

Acquiring a Bachelor’s degree is the foundational step among all educational requirements for a CISO. Candidates normally select a degree in the following fields:

  • Computer science
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business
  • Other related fields

Furthermore, employees might demand candidates to have a Master’s degree in IT security. As we have mentioned earlier, the CISO role matured into a business executive position. Thus, an MBA degree strengthens your chances of landing the role. If you’re considering taking an MBA, consider including these certifications:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Information Technology
  • IT Forensics

Moreover, many CISOs holds Master of Science degrees in the technical fields listed below. You might want to consider getting one of these if you are to pursue a Master’s:

  • Information Systems & Technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Information Technology and Management
  • Computer Science
  • Digital Forensic Science

Yet, having great educational credentials is not enough for the heavy responsibilities the CISO role brings. Let’s take a look at the CISO must haves in skills.

Communication and Presentation Skills

A chief information security officer must know how to adapt according to his audience. In other words, he/she must know how to adjust his/her communication style accordingly.

For instance, CISOs must know how to discuss information security in business terms. Most board members are not tech-savvy. Moreover, CISOs must be capable of explaining security concepts in a way relevant to the individual’s specific role and responsibilities.

Collaboration and Conflict Management Skills – Another CISO Must Haves

The chief information security officer role involves collaborating with almost all members of the organization. They work together in solving issues affecting the company’s operations. The CIOS must ensure that security requirements are well explained. Furthermore, CISOs should provide effective guidance.

Knowledge of Regulation and Compliance with Standards

There are tons of laws and regulations enforcing cybersecurity. Thus, CISOs take lead in the organization’s compliance with those regulations. Moreover, CISOs modify their research and learning efforts to meet the specific needs of the organization.

This leads to developing more effective and relevant information security policies, processes, and procedures.

Supervisory Skills

A strong information security program requires a team of effective security professionals. The success of an organization doesn’t only rely on the chief information security officer. Thus, this makes great mentoring skills critical in the field.


Cybersecurity Websites: Keep On The Track Of Cyber Safety

Cybersecurity websites provide the latest trend in cyber safety. Also, experts, cybersecurity platforms, and providers- all share insights. Thus, all you need to know about cybersecurity in a single website is nothing but a gem.

The Trend Of Attacks

It is no wonder how data breaches, malware, and phishing, headline the news almost every single day.  Also, millions of dollars along with millions of data being compromised.

The rise of cybersecurity jobs is continually increasing in demand. Moreover, attacks are also increasing in sophistication.

Thus, you should get ahead with these trends of attacks. How?

Cybersecurity websites can help you do so. Some of these websites provide a mix of available resources.

For example, may it be in form of:

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Visual illustrations

All of these are provided to keep you on track. 

Keep you on track with the latest cyber news. Also, insights from tech journalists, and professional hackers. 

So, what are these websites? See this list for your potential resources.

Cybersecurity Websites 

The Hacker News

This website started in 2010. Moreover, the website has its mission to: “educate people on how to use the Internet in the safest way”.

‘The Hacker News’ has a total of more than 8 million monthly subscribers. Moreover, each year The Hackers host a conference.

Features of this site:

  • Breaking news of cyber attacks- daily
  • Educate about vulnerabilities
  • Can subscribe to their newsletters

Daniel Miessler

This website is more like a personal blog by Daniel Miessler. However, his blog is all about cybersecurity and technology. 

That is because Daniel himself is a cybersecurity expert for more than 2- years At the same time, he is a writer. Also, on his site, he publishes podcasts. 

Being an expert and professional in the field. Daniel has been featured in publications globally. Also, Daniel is a sought-after speaker in cybersecurity conferences.

His website offers the following:

  • Malicious advertising examples
  • Bad metrics
  • Podcasts
  • Cybersecurity news through weekly newsletters


CSO serves as an online newspaper. Moreover, the website is more suited for enterprise-level CIOs. Because they’re the ones who imply security decisions in an entity.

Thus, the contents of this website are designed to keep them on track.

However, the contents are more on the technical side of security.

CSO offers the following:

  • Cybersecurity articles
  • Video stories
  • Independent research
  • Cybercrime reports
  • Security conferences

Dark Reading

Dark Reading is best for those who want to engage in cybersecurity discussions. Moreover, registration is free. And you will be updated with the latest news and community features.

The website is more suited for those who are looking for enterprise-level security resources. Because they do feature analytics, attacks, and breaches. Not to mention IoT security and threat intelligence.

Adam Shostack & Friends

Adam Shostack is an author. An author of ‘Threat Modeling: Designing for Security’.

This is a blog featuring content all cybersecurity relevant. What’s more, is that the website is organized into neat categories. Thus, you can easily find what you’re looking for. Not to mention fun blog posts inside.


VP Information Jobs: Everything You Need To Know

VP Information jobs require both an IT professional’s skills and strong business skills. Because these skills when fused, provide a stable VP of Information. 

The field of Information Technology today is increasing in value. Not to mention the growing complexity of technology advancement. Thus, a person with the said set of skills can be an effective Vice President of IT. 

This article will discuss the following:

  • What does it take to be a Vice President of IT?
  • How much do VP Information jobs pay?
  • What are the career requirements?

The Need

As already mentioned, the field of information technology is continually growing. Both in complexity and advancement. So years will come when each entity will be needing these professionals on board.

Not to mention the influx of cyberattacks. For instance, cyberattacks consistently headline the news more so in this time of the pandemic. So it is expected that the following year, 2021, the needs for IT professionals will be high in demand.

In addition, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics or the BLS reports. The need for more IT managers will increase. That is, in the following years of this digital era.

Thus, with high demand, the competition will be strong. So one who aspires to be in such a position must stand out as unique. 

One can do so by boosting his skills and experience. Moreover, gaining more advanced degrees will also provide an edge.

What Does It Take?

  • VP of IT designs and develops organizational information systems.
  • Also, they are the ones responsible for the implementation.
  • VP of IT manages the development of software applications and infrastructure systems.
  • Direct and manage IT plans, schedules, and policies.
  • Analyzes rising information technologies.
  • Integrates new information technology for the entire organization.
  • Directs and leads development teams.
  • VP of IT is responsible for implementing the IT best practices among the organization.
  • Manage and analyze software and system’s recommendation and research

These are just some of a Vice President of IT’s job duties. Certainly, this is someone off for a tough task. 

Moreover, the VP of IT should have a comfortable office for duty. Usually, his office should be situated near the IT department. So this will allow easy access to communication in between.

Besides, the VP of IT works for the following:

  • Full time working hours (40 hours per week)
  • Overtime for project deadlines are required
  • Travel for conferences
  • Visiting satellite facilities

How Much Does It Pay?

The reports as of December 2010. 

  • VP of IT earns more than $150,000 annually
  • More advanced IT professionals earn more. That is, up to $200,000 per year.

With continuous high demand, these figures should expect to increase in the following years.

Career Requirements

  1. Master’s degree and additional years of experience
  2. Background in the following:
    1. Computer science
    2. Information technology
    3. Software engineering
  3. Most prefer those with business education from the MBA Program. Specifically in Information Technology Management.
    1. IT Management and Innovation
    2. Database Management Technology

Certainly, it takes much to be a Vice President of IT. However, why not use this time of the pandemic to learn and upskill?

CIO CIO Guide CIO Skills

Cybersecurity Month 2019: Cyber Safety Tips

Every October is cybersecurity month. In last year’s cybersecurity month (Cybersecurity Month 2019), there are safety tips shared. Let us discuss the gems and insights.

Optimize Data Protection

Data is the company’s asset. Most especially today, more cybercriminals are seeking after data. Because data means business for these malicious actors.

Thus, being entrusted with data with your customers, make sure to live by their expectations. Do what you can to optimize your company’s data protection.

For instance, you can employ the following tips:
  • Data encryption- most especially in handling credit card information. This should be practiced in both open and public networks.
  • Strict Access of data- data access should be effectively managed. For instance, cardholder data should only be available to key persons. Also, restrict any physical access to cardholder data.
  • Develop and maintain firewall configuration. 
  • Employ a standard policy for the storage of customer’s data
  • Do not use vendor-supplied defaults passwords.
  • Change passwords regularly

Provide Training

Employers handle most of your data. Thus, the need for proper cyber practices should be implemented by everyone.

So make sure to handle training for your employees. For example, you can provide training about the following:

  • How to identify and handle phishing techniques?
  • Also, how to counteract malicious phone calls?
  • How to protect both company and personal credentials?

Phishing Education

Phishing serves to be one of the most effective baits of attacks. Moreover, today, more sophistication is integrated with this malicious action. 

Be aware of the following:
  • Malicious links and attachments through emails. These contents can make way for malware, trojan, and viruses to infect your whole system.
  • Unknown emails from unknown sources
  • Difference between safe and malicious links. You can do so by hovering over the link, and see where it’ll lead you to.
  • Grammatical errors in emails are malicious.
  • Friends can be sources of malicious links, also. Thus, never be too complacent.

Be Careful With Friend Requests

Malicious actors make the best of social media too. Thus, be careful not to accept friend request invites to people you barely know.

Remember, even with the most legitimate-looking profile pictures come scams. Because people can freely make up accounts. Also, they can impersonate someone or even you.

Suppose you suspect a false and malicious account, report it. Also, make sure to block the user. You can also remind others not to make the mistake of accepting this certain account.

Watch What You Share

This is something most people don’t easily understand. 

Social media is a public place. That means malicious actors can be in the same place. Thus, sharing personal information is dangerous.

For example, never disclose personal details. Even the following information:

  • Where you study (school)
  • Workplace
  • Vacation time

This information can be used by cyber predators. To gain access to your valuable data.

Physical Cyber Safety

Cyber threats come from physical plugins too. 

So, imposing a policy about ‘plugging in devices’ may be helpful. Remember, viruses and trojans can come from flash drives and hard drives. Not to mention smartphones and IoT devices.


Information Security Companies: All-Time Security Providers

Information security companies are your go-to security providers. Especially in this time of the pandemic, more cyber threats are faced by companies.

This article will provide you the top all-time stars information security companies. 


The Sapphire cybersecurity services started in 1996. Being in business for over 20 years, makes them a pioneer in providing cybersecurity services.

Their services aim to provide optimum security for users, and their data. Not to mention the company’s assets and infrastructures.

  • Efficient cloud management by Cloud Access Security Broker. This service lets you deliver control and visibility on your cloud applications.
  • Data Leakage Protection. From the name suggests, this protects company’s data from being accessed. For instance, both in the cloud and in the remote setting.
  • Moreover, this service aims to lessen or mitigate the risks of data breach. In addition, this is done by optimum tracking, supervising, and controlling of data.

You can check their website here:

IBM Security

IBM security is 2 years older than Sapphire. Being in the business since 1994. IBM Security is providing quality security solutions since then.

Moreover, the IBM Security more focuses on enterprise-level security. For instance, they specialize in providing solutions with the following:

  • Advanced threat intelligence
  • Big data solutions
    • Threat hunting
    • Incident response
  • Advanced security services

IBM Security can therefore help your company be in compliance. Also, high-security standards add a strong layer of security for your company.


On the other hand, McAfee is the oldest among Sapphire and IBM. Because McAfee was founded in 1987. McAfee was located in Santa Clara, California.

McAfee specializes in the following security solutions:

  • Cloud safety
  • Endpoint security
  • Threat protection
    • Malware
    • Virus
  • Data protection


Moreover, CyberArk is a cybersecurity company established in 1999. 

The CyberArk solutions focus more on protecting access privileges. Since this is a wide gateway for all-access of the network.

In line with this, the CyberArk security solutions offers the following security products:

  • Application acces manager
  • Endpoint privilege manager
  • Password vault or Manager
  • Advanced threat intelligence services


When it comes to cybersecurity, Cisco is one of the known companies to look for. It is of no doubt since the company started the business since 1984.

Roots of expertise started in Santa Clara. Since then, Cisco provides optimum cybersecurity solutions around the world.

Cisco security service include:

  • Domain security
  • Email security against phishing attacks
  • Energy management
  • Internet of Things Security
  • Cloud threat intelligence
  • Threat incident response
  • Cloud security
  • Next-generation firewalls
  • Advanced malware protection

CA Technologies

The CA Technologies also pioneer the business of cybersecurity solutions. Moreover, CA Technologies started its service in 1976. 

In addition, CA Technologies have become a subsidiary of Broadcom Inc. in 2018. Broadcom is also a company from the US. Moreover, this company provides semiconductors and infrastructure software solutions.

The CA Technologies company provides antivirus solutions for the market.

  • Enhanced endpoint security
  • 24/7 customer support from their experts
  • Flawless adaptation of solutions
  • Analytics software which is designed for early threat detection

Certainly, there are lots to choose from. Moreover, integrating with these stabilized companies worths your trust.


CISO Tips: How To Boost Security Programs?

Security programs need to be boosted to its optimum level today. In this article, we’ve gathered the best CISO tips. To help you tailor your security needs to its optimum.

CISO Tips 

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving. Thus, this should be considered throughout the game plan. 

The following are CISO tips for the CIOs.

Keep Business Objectives In Mind

While it is a challenge to keep the business running. It’s also a challenge to integrate security practices. 

Thus, keeping business awareness should top the matter. Also, take note that this is not a one-time achievement. But rather, it is a continuous pursuit.

For instance, matters involving the following:

  • Business goals
  • Products
  • Services
  • Challenges
  • Business strategies

Summing it all up, making security decisions should be in line with business objectives. To do this, executives must be thoroughly involved in security. Because security should not degrade a business. Instead, security should contribute to the business’ prosperity.

Deliberate Positioning

The company should know where security stands in business. To do this, executives and everyone in the company must know the security’s value.

Thus, everyone should be aware of its essential contribution to the business. Doing so will help everyone in the company go and act together towards safety. 

A company can do this by:

  • Open communication about security
  • Efficient training about cyber safety
  • Cyber Safety Protocols implementation

Build The Core Security Team

This is probably one of the best tips. 

However, this is not all about merely building a team. But this team should make up with passion and skills.

Passion is essential to keep the ‘startup mindset’. Because the more someone works, he may lose motivation. But with someone who has passion, security should be their aim. Thus, a ‘startup’s mindset’ opens up more ideas of security initiatives.

Moreover, skills should blend with passion. A set of experts build a strong core team. So the team provides value to the company.

This will be the team focused on technical changes of the network. Moreover, their security solutions should always be under the supervision of the executives.

This Core Team can also communicate with other departments. And this is where cyber safety awareness comes. Because they can provide the necessary training for other employees.


Developing an optimum security program will not work unless everyone does their part. 

Right tools, processes, compliance measures, and advanced technology build the program. But it takes more for success.

Thus, communication is vital among anything. Communication basically means to listen and to speak. In providing security solutions, it also takes effort to know when to speak and listen.

Moreover, implementing changes in your security industry takes time. And teamwork speeds up the process of success. So aim to encourage open communication about security.

  • Open reporting of suspicious contents or mails
  • Handle regular meetings of cybersecurity awareness
  • Let anyone have their share to voice their ideas about security

In conclusion, building a strong security program is nothing but a complex task. But, when everyone has their share. The complexity of load lightens. Protection is easily achieved.

CIO information technology

CIO Organization VS IT Department

What is the CIO organization vs IT Department?

There are two main IT leadership roles in an organization. The IT Director and the Chief Information Officer (CIO). 

Many growing businesses do not know the difference. Besides, it is likely are not serving from the state that a CIO can bring to their business.

Moreover, some companies connect the two. But, the characters are different. Thus, if your business is of important size and plans to grow, you need both.

Understanding the Roles of the IT Director and the CIO

The IT Director is the top of the IT department where their main role is to handle the daily jobs and works. Besides, the IT Director keeps adherence to company official working plans.

Additionally, the IT Director is useful for keeping ways up. Also, the person working according to the company’s need. 

Furthermore, IT Directors defined the support process. And it adds oversight of support services. 

It includes staff management in the company. Plus, it adds IT asset lifecycle control and likely some project command. 

The CIO is likely capable of performing the jobs connected with the IT Director. Besides, the person is useful for important technology plan for the company. 

Moreover, the CIO typically reports to the CEO. Also, the person develops and grows important plans, designs, and mode related to the organization’s technology. 

Additionally, the CIO joins in new technology initiatives. It adds decides their contact on the business.

Thus, the CIO’s objectives may include improving automation and power. And as well as watching relevant industry technology trends.

Leadership Contributions of the IT DIrector and the CIO

The role of the CIO and the IT Director is similar. Besides, it involves a technology path for the company.

Furthermore, there is an important difference between the plans. It includes the tactical use that they each bring to the control team.  

The IT Director may report on problematic technology or support challenge specifics. And the CIO will tell the company’s new and future technology place in such a way that the executive team can get.

Moreover, the CIO can choose and tell the causes behind the technology trials reported by the IT Director. Plus, it adds what improving choices are free.

The Value of a CIO

The CIO holds a variety of duties. It includes budgeting, safety, reports, emergency planning, and important planning.

Additionally, the CIO acts as a trusted advisor to the executive power team. Also, the person joins as key choices are being considered.

The largest offering of the CIO is usually around important planning. It adds the mistake of new technology actions.

Furthermore, a highly rated CIO has the industry life and data needed to benchmark next other companies in the same trade. Besides, it highlights areas for likely changes.

Hence, many businesses cannot stand and may not need the full-time duties of a CIO. But, officials may need and want the forward-looking skills that an IT expert can give. 

As a result, a partial CIO can become a trusted advisor to the CEO. And it can give key business technology advice needed to guide the way of the company.


Vp Information Snapchat

VP information snapchat. 

Are you familiar with the application that has a lot of filters? When you visit this, you will stay for a long. 

Since it has a lot of twists, you will have fun exploring their different kinds of features. 

If you are thinking about Snapchat, you are right. It has been a popular application for communication and entertainment.

But, we know that this will not last if there is no person behind the ideas. 

In this article, we will discuss the VP of information on this platform. 

Since it is one of the sorts in social media, we will see how they maintain security. Also, the trend despite having a lot of competitors. 

VP Information Snapchat

What do you think when it comes to social media? It is more about putting people’s ideas to the public. 

But, the people behind the application needs content. That is when the VP of information comes in. He is responsible when it comes to the content he is about to make for the platform. 

Also, his team is responsible when it comes to keeping up with the trend. Or, they make the trend of their own. 

Take for example when they made the filter of a dog popular. When you put your face, you will have the animals’ ears and other features.

But there is one responsibility that they should remember. That is cybersecurity. 

Knowing that Snapchat has millions of users, they is prone to be a target of hackers. 

The things that the thieves can steal are their identity, credit card information, and address. 

So, it is important that the leader assigned to this field will always be alert to threats. 

Knowing Snapchat

What is this application?

It is an online platform that allows people to communicate in a unique way. 

We are used to sending messages to our friends. But in Snapchat, you can send pictures and state your message to let them know you are thinking about them. 

Since 2011, the program is always improving. According to the development of today’s trends. 

Most especially, the company makes sure the security is always tight. It is because they have an increasing volume of users every day. 

So, being alert can save both the company and its users. 

That is why the VP of information Snapchat has an important role in the company. It is true because it is more on the advanced digital side. 

Also, that is their strength. That is to provide service when it comes to information technology.


So what are the key roles? It is important to consider especially when it comes to VP information in technology.

First, he needs to keep in mind the importance of security. Also, being mindful of the latest updates. 

It will them to stay on the trend. So, many people will be interested in using their application.

He needs to work with a team. So, it will be a help if he will both have the skills and a good personality.