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Business Industry Digital Adoption in COVID-19

Digital adoption in COVID-19 has been both challenging and rewarding. Never has been the world ever been too connected on the cloud. In fact, a modern-day miracle of launching the business industry 5 years ahead took place in a space of only 8 weeks. All of these happened so rapidly in the time of the COVID era.

The pandemic has taught us to learn to live life in a different light. The world collapsed in a matter of a glance, and no one is too ready. However, with digital adoption, businesses and industries managed to thrive.

A CEO of a large tech company once said, “we are witnessing what will surely be remembered as a historic deployment of remote work and digital access to services across every domain.”

Those words prove true for all of us. Never before have we seen a major historical change that took place in all corners of the earth.

In this post, let us review the ways the COVID-19 pandemic has driven digital adoption in the business industry. You may as well recall the efforts you and your organization have done to adapt. For sure, the lessons are clearer now. With the history behind us, we can create a better future ahead of us.

Business Industry Digital Adoption in COVID-19

So here are three major ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the digital adoption game in the business industry.

1. Work-from-home (WFM) & Remote Working

In the wake of the pandemic, offices were forced to move remotely overnight. This is something no one in the industry ever predicted to happen.

On the other hand, this has not been the case for some who have adopted digitalization long before COVID-19 began. For instance, a company that stopped using email for 4 years already says that moving remotely “was not that much of a journey”.

Each company has its own story in the COVID-19 era. But to most, this is a grand massive change. Some are coping well, while some are continually struggling.

For instance, along with the comforts of working remotely comes the challenges. These include the following:

2. Internal Digital Channels

Adopting internal digital channels help many in thriving the remote work setup. Digital tools are of prime benefit in fulfilling internal communications and databases.

You may be now getting more familiar with the following tools, for instance:

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams
  • DocuSign
  • EmploymentHero
  • Trello

Through this, the remote life has been not that lonely. Teammates can still communicate and see each other, though virtually. Thus making these tools more of a necessity.

3. Change of Customer Behaviours

Along with the change is the change in customer behavior. Since the market is not going out that much to purchase and see things, the marketing industry is making its way through effective e-commerce.

Digital marketing services are increasing in demand. This is to ensure that their digital channels are engaging their customers right. Thus, helping them not to bury themselves over their competitors.

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Digital Adoption in India: DX Trends for 2021

Discover the top trends of digital adoption in India in 2021. 

As we all have experienced, digital transformation has been literally transforming industries and business cultures from all around the world. Even amidst the gloomy year 2020 has brought each one of us, DX shows its beam of light continually flashing.

Among the countries that have been hardly struck by the pandemic, India is one of the most widely affected. But how does DX help India overcome the business disruption?

In this post, we will be uncovering different DX trends that stood out in India this 2021.

Top DX Trends of Digital Adoption in India

1. Cybersecurity

Adapting to the new normal of digitalization, companies and all sorts of industries now see the dire need of focusing on cybersecurity.

During the adaptation process, many hacking attempts have been experienced.  For instance, data breaches, malicious attacks, server disruptions, and threats. 

In addition, WFM and remote systems are becoming the new norm. Of course, these advancements caused operations to boost. But malicious actors, on the other hand, takes these as more open doors for launching their intentions.

As a result, more budget will be allocated for cybersecurity 2021 and in the coming years. Besides, new rules and strategies will be at the post to combat attacks more effectively.

2. User & Data Privacy

The same with cybersecurity, user and data privacy is of utmost priority as more connections develop more freely. Not to mention, regulatory protocols, like the GDPR, are supervising today’s operations more closely. 

By all means, the pandemic boosts the surge of more digital transformation initiatives. Along with it, are the threats concerning the user and data privacy being shared on the cloud. That is why in 2021, many industries focus on providing their users with the confidentiality and security of personal data.

3. Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Companies will be keener to adopt the hybrid cloud architecture. Through this technology, a massive bulk of data can be better catered to while not compromising privacy and confidentiality.

Not to mention that today’s top tech giants are using this hybrid nature of the cloud. For instance, Google, AWS, Azure, and Oracle. Besides, more innovation of the technology will develop as needs may more require.

4. Work-from-home & Remote Teams

Because of the pandemic, companies have been forced to send their workers to a work-from-home setup. Also, remote teams and virtual working spaces are now being the new norm.

As the pandemic continues to make its waves, this way of working is considered to be a necessity. This has opened new discoveries of the possibilities that the cloud can offer for the digital ecosystem.

Besides, this new normal setup causes an increase in sales of network components, IoT tools and sensors, mobile devices, and computers. Not to mention the growing fame of video conferencing and project management tools.

5. 5G

With more connections in need, more trustworthy and faster bandwidth are becoming the necessity for operations to continue. This is why 5G technology has been recognized today as a significant element in thriving the digital ecosystem.

This year, 5G mobile phones are on the rise. Perhaps with more affordable rates that can be more accessible to the target market.

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South Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Toolkit Guide

The South Australian Government releases its digital transformation toolkit guide. This guide aims to help South Australian government agencies, departments, and authorities to better develop digital strategies for DX.

In this post, we will be outlining how this DX toolkit works. Also, we will be outlining what a digital transformation strategy means. Lastly, we will be outlining the four tools that comprise this DX toolkit. 

What A Digital Transformation Strategy Is?

Each organization, whether in government or in the business industry, has goals, vision, and purpose. These do vary depending on the needs and scope of work of an organization.

A digital transformation strategy aims to give voice to those goals, vision, and purpose. It executes the action to deliver the end goal.

Neglecting digital transformation strategy is like “implementing just any technology, just in case it may work”. It can be likened to striking the air or running hard and fast on a mere treadmill. You have been exerting the exact effort, but with no definite goal or destination.

By all means, giving careful thought to developing a good digital transformation strategy can do more than the planning stage. Strategies can help maximize the opportunities out of an investment. Thus, better deliver results- more effectively and more efficiently.

Digital Transformation Toolkit: How It Works?

The digital transformation toolkit does not aim to rule any digital transformation initiative. Nor does it define what a successful DX initiative should be.

However, the purpose of this DX toolkit is to provide South Australian government organizations better undertake DX initiatives. Perhaps in developing DX strategies and driving decisions that will surely deliver results.

Moreover, following this guide can help them better drive results in DX. For instance, it aims to make its DX strategies more efficient and effective.

Digital Transformation Toolkit: 4 Tools 

The South Australian Government provides a digital transformation toolkit for its organizations, agencies, and departments.

This toolkit consists of four major tools help the said organization better develop digital strategies.

Besides, this is not supposed to rule out any DX initiative. This toolkit aims to better help the planning, instead.

Below are the four tools and the purpose of which they are provided.

1. Digital Maturity Assessment Tool

The first one, the Digital Maturity Assessment Tool. This tool helps organizations assess their level of digital maturity. 

For instance, identifying key assets and liabilities. By doing so, planning a targeted approach for change is made simpler.

2. Digital Transformation Prioritisation Tool

The Digital Transformation Prioritisation Tool aims to reduce failures in any DX initiatives.


This is done so by proper prioritizing of digital projects.

Four key categories should be considered, for instance:

  • Mandatory criteria
  • Benefits
  • Ease of execution
  • Risk 

3. Digital Strategy Template

The Digital Strategy Template provides South Australian government agencies, departments, and organizations a template for developing their digital strategies.

Moreover, this can help them develop strategies that apply best practices that best fit the Australian government.

4. Digital Strategy Implementation Plan Template

Lastly, the Digital Strategy Implementation Plan Template. This tool aims to help entities map out the plans and strategies over the following years.

The South Australian Government releases the PDF and Word formats of this toolkit on their website. Perhaps you can visit this link and have more information about this digital transformation toolkit.

4 Lessons: Cutting Through the Digital Transformation Hype

The digital transformation hype is concerning today’s directors, senior executives, and CEOs. Not to mention that even with the big amount of investments in DX, many still fail and end up without real results.

In fact, in 2019, the digital transformation risk is of prime concern for most corporate leaders. But, why? Isn’t DX supposed to be a leverage of systems and company culture? 

This is because many organizations invested in DX, yet 70% fail and without results. For instance, in 2019, almost $1.3 trillion was spent on DX. But up to $900 billion went to waste. Unsurprisingly, this causes many to believe that DX is only hype and perhaps not that necessary.

There is more than to the hype of digital transformation. Internal systems, organizational culture, and even the very mindset- all of these can contribute to either success or failure. In this post, we will be listing 4 important lessons in digital transformation. 

4 Lessons: Cutting Through the Digital Transformation Hype

So here are 5 lessons that can lead you into more digital transformation successes.

1. Strategy First Before Investments

Probably one of the major downfall in undertaking DX is putting more focus than necessary on technology. How many times have you heard of this: “Digital transformation is not about technology.”?

Perhaps when leaders think of DX, a specific tool readily comes to mind. Although tools can help and they contribute a lot, DX works more than mere digital tools.

Successful digital transformations drive strategy first before investments in technology. Why? There is no single answer for the “best & innovative tool” in the market. In every organization, needs vary from one vision to another. 

With a clear path of objectives, you are better likely to reach your destination. In the same manner, with clear business goals, you can better reach the results from your investments.

2. Strong Support From the Inside

Many who seek transformations usually gain help and support from outside sources. 

However, among all others, the best support that you can get is from the inside. What’s inside should work further on the outside. 


Insiders or existing employees know the organization way better than any outsource. This intimate knowledge and connection they have with the organization can be a reliable source for insights. Insights that can better lead investments. 

Of course, outsourcing can help, but this should go hand-in-hand with insiders, for instance.

3. Be Customer-Centric

If the goal of the DX is to leverage customer experience, then from the start, planning should be customer-centric. 

In this case, leaders should have more than just assumptions about their customers. In-depth research and customer input should precede the diagnostic phase, for instance. 

4. Acknowledge Employee Resistance

One of the most common factors for slow DX growth is due to employee resistance. Perhaps they perceive that DX ought to replace them with their jobs. So this may lead them to either consciously or subconsciously resisting the change.

So what can you do?

Acknowledge their fears and educate them enough. So let your employees know what DX is for. Help them embrace the change with enough knowledge. 

Final Thoughts

Digital transformation is more than just the hype. DX should be led by strategies and in-house support, more than mere technology.


Information Security PDF: Top Facts About Cybersecurity in 2021

Information security pdf. Discover top cybersecurity facts that you should know in 2021.

What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity refers to the security measures and procedures set in place and employed to protect different devices from cyber attacks.

A cyberattack can infiltrate through different means. For example, it can get through your servers, laptops, computers, networks, mobile devices, and even electronic systems.

Why is it important to protect these?

Because a cyberattack aims to steal and gain illicit access to personal and sensitive data. For organizations, data can cost them millions of dollars and their reputation, to the very least.

So what more should you know about cybersecurity?

Information Security PDF: Cybersecurity Top Facts 

As technology advances, organizations rely more on the convenience and fast processes that it brings. However, with the pace of growth that technology experiences, the pace of cyberattacks also grows and infiltrates more and more systems.

So knowing facts about cybersecurity can further help you protect your systems. Thus, enabling safe digital adoption throughout the organization.

1. A hacker is born in every less than a minute

Do you know that every 39 seconds, a new hacker is born? This is according to a study conducted by the Clark School study of the University of Maryland. According to the report, a computer with internet access gets hacked every 39 seconds.

What can you do?

The best way to protect your systems and devices is to secure your passwords. Perhaps you can make use of password generators and vaults for easy and better password management.

2. Small businesses are also in target for cyberattacks

Even small businesses are in target for cyberattacks. According to a report, up to 43% of small businesses experience cyberattacks. Attacks like social engineering, email phishing, and web-based cyber attacks are being used, for instance.

3. Small businesses are cyberattacked of up to $3.9 million global cost

When a business is cyberattacked, it suffers more than financial loss. But most of all, it can cost a business its reputation. And this cost is alarming even with small businesses. Why? Because most often, SMBs do not place high-security standards or even cybersecurity practices. 

4. Cyberattacks love the retail, government, and technology industries too

More than any industry, the retail, government, and technology industries suffer the most in cyberattacks. Most likely because these industries handle much data. And it is not just any other data, but sensitive, public, and at times, intellectual data. These data features most often sell and attract malicious intents.

5. Human intelligence and comprehension is the best armor against phishing

Phishing- is one of the most widely used cyberattacks, which can be best avoided through comprehension and human intelligence.


Because these attacks are mostly dependent on the user’s behavior and understanding. So with proper understanding and knowledge, these attacks are most likely can be avoided. Not to mention that up to 80% of data breach incidents take place due to phishing intents.

Final Thoughts

Digital transformation has indeed brought significant advancements in any organization and business venture. However, reliance on technology while neglecting security is a serious matter of concern.


ING Digital Transformation: All You Need To Know

So let us tackle the idea of the ING digital transformation group. Also, we will discuss those essential things we will learn in this company.

Idea Of ING Digital Transformation Group

 So let us learn what is ING group of company. Also, know what purpose and strategy they have to be a motivation for us.

So the ING is a global financial institution with a strong European base. Yet they offering banking services. 

But they draw client experience and expertise. Moreover, their commitment is to have excellent service.

Furthermore, their global scale is to meet the need of a large customer base and the following:

  • Comprising individuals
  • Families
  • Small business
  • Large corporations
  • Governments

So the ING says that their customer is the heart of what they do. Yet they have thousand of employees offer retail and wholesale banking services.

They have a customer in over 40 countries. Also, their strength that includes their well-knowns as the following:

  • A strong brand with positive recognition from customers in many countries
  • Strong financial position
  • Omnichannel distribution strategy
  • International network

Moreover, the ING company has a current leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index group.

ING Group Purpose And Strategy

So let us discuss also what ING group of company purpose and strategy they have. Therefore they believe that sustainable progress is driven by people with imagination.

Also to a determination to improve their future of those around them. Moreover, they empower people and companies to realize their vision for a better future.

Also, they empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and for business. Furthermore, we also show you the following purpose of the ING group.

Also, they define these four simple promises together for their customer. So their promises and part of their strategy from the following:

  • Anytime and anywhere. 
  • Clear and easy
  • Keep getting better
  • Empower

So let discuss this four simple promise they have. Let start at them anytime and anywhere.

So the ING is working to get service where their customer is. Also, banking should be possible anytime and anywhere.

Additional Discussion Of Three Simple Promises

The second is clear and easy, for them, banking doesn’t have to be difficult and time-consuming. So it all about clear products and plain language to save both time and money.

Moreverove next is keeping getting better, ING has a life and business moving forward. So they keep looking for new ways to make things better.

Also with their new ideas and new solution. Moreover with a new approach to making things easier for their customers.

So that they call it they can all stay a step ahead. Last is the empower for ING.

So they have best financial decision are inform decision. Therefore customers want relevant and up-to-date information at their fingertips.

Moreover, they need to understand their choice and the implication for today and the future.

Have A Walkme Company Information

So let us have a quick idea about Walkme company. This company has a goal to make the digital system easy to use for everyone.

Also, they keep pace with the speed of innovation. Moreover, their vision is to match the capability of people with the capability of technology.


Digital Transformation Testing

What do we learn about the best software for digital transformation testing? So let us discuss the idea about software testing and what essential we learn.

Essential Of Digital Transformation Testing

We live in the day of modern digital technology. So in this discussion let us know about digital transformation testing.

Maybe known as software testing for digital transformation. So today business company have adopted the new ways of digital technology.

Moreover, it adopts agile for the key success of the business industry. It reported that they clam the growth of trend entering the past year.

So test automation is growing to allow companies to find and prevent defects. Thus by using the software testing delivery process.

Yet, there are quality assurance teams that still have a desire for the level of expertise. Also, that remains one of the main challenges of digital transformation.

So if you have a business it will increase the turning towards artificial intelligence. Also for the machine learning that almost being strong and growing.

We know that digital transformation has gone the speed of the new currency right now. But the help of traditional software testing it can make more hamper the speed.

Speed Of Currency Is Remain Success

So software testing professionals have already witnessed the seismic shifts of business expectations. Also, they focus on digital means the rate and scope of change have increasing.

Therefore the testing is necessary for achieving the speed and quickness that require in the future. In the speed of the new currency that software testing is amount one opponent speed.

So many companies transform but then the testing is can not keep on a step and they stuck. Moreover testing tools and precess of architect for traditional have released.

But it did not fit the modern delivery cadence which is required immediately for a new build. It means if you have a slow testing process standing between high speed and operation process.

So there just not way you can achieve the desire of delivery speed. Therefore many companies have already recognized it.

But they protect their digital transformation effectively by modernizing their testing. So they re-examine and re-inverting software testing across their company.

Looking Forward To Digital Software Testing

So lots of companies want to transformation testing digital transformation with continuous testing. They extremely test that automation requires for DevOps and Digital transformation.

Therefore they need to overcome challenges from the following:

  • Highly compact application architectures
  • Different application types and planning cycles
  • Development methodologies and tools to existing in parallel
  • Limited test automation resources
  • A bloated test order that delays the process while granting limited business value
  • Strongly established quality process across the different groups and projects

So transformation takes time and they must involve all the from the following:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technologies associate
  • Delivery pipeline application

Furthermore, you can rest guaranteed that your effort will be pay off. So these perspectives provide numerous examples of companies that committed. 

Also for transforming testing is now growing business and enhancing the customers and user experience. 


Digital Transformation 101: All You Need To Know

So let us learn and tackle the digital transformation 101 that we prepare for modern success. Also, let us discuss how modern digital transformation helps us in the business industry.

Facts About Digital Transformation 101

So the discussion is all about digital transformation that being used by the companies. Also, it has within boardrooms across the modern business industries right now.

So it significant that digital transformation has a driving force behind it. So digital transformation defines as the implementation and adoption of digital technologies.

Also, these technologies improve the following:

  • Business process 
  • Deliver better value to the customer
  • Innovate
  • Improve companies result

Furthermore, digital transformation is an ongoing effort to rewire all operations for the digital world. Also, it adopting the latest technologies to improve processes and strategies with a bottom line.

But many companies have their different definition about digital transformation. So it may the word differ but most of the definition has tended to revolve around the same thems.

So transformation involves leveraging digital technology to enhance business from end to end. Also its internal process of efficiency to the end-user experience. 

Other than that we also discuss the most important question about digital transformation.

Know More About Digital Transformation 101

So there are important questions that we will learn. Therefore this discussion answers the question about digital transformation.

So first is why digital is so significant to our daily life? Yes, it is significant because digital is a process that will drive today’s digital revolution.

So as with of industrial revolution digital is fundamentally changing for every aspect of our economy. Als it includes the following:

  • Business models and operations
  • Way of people collaborate and communicate at work
  • How businesses deliver value to their customers
  • It has the very nature of a business ecosystem

So revolutionary changes the company and most use of digital technology to evolve and transform.

Second Question And Discussion

So let go to the second one, it is digital has same as digitization or digitalization? Because of involving the fundamental change to many dimensions of business.

Digitization is a technical term or refers to a transition from analog to digital. So most businesses have already taken the step of replacing typewriters with a computer.

Also with paper records to digital records and so forth. So it is a necessary step to the next step of digitalization.

When we say digitalization it is referring to the automation of business processes through technology. In modern office software, it’s an instance and automates the process.

So digital transformation refers to a fundamental shift in the way businesses operate. Also to leverage technology to deliver values to customers.

Benefits You Get Using Transformation

So if you use digital it offers many benefits ranging from the following:

  • Better experience for employees and customers
  • More efficient and effective for business operations
  • An innovative solution that can deliver more value to end-users and customers
  • Improve ability to survive and compete in a digital world

So benefits of the digital transformation approach will naturally and depend on the nature of transformation. Therefore businesses and stakeholders commit many others factors.

Business Intelligence Tool CIO

Digital Transformation Connect

So let us tackle the influence of digital transformation connect. Also, learn from this discussion about digital technology in the modern age.

Influence Of Digital Transformation Connect

So let us discuss the phrase of digital transformation that everywhere in the business. So the connection of business to the digital transformation.

But first, learn what is digitally defined is can help you to understand the influence it. So digital transformation is an initiative that is technologies use to integrate and optimize.

Also, it can improve the existing process so that they become more effective and productive. It’s more than introducing the new digital service to be used in the company.

So it an opportunity for a company to re-evaluate how a thing has been done up to date. Also, repair anything that does work and remake key operations for the business.

So transformation is the implementation and adopting of techniques to improve business processes. Also, it helps to deliver better value to the customer and innovate.

Moreover, these technologies have improved companies for a more successful result. Therefore digital transformation is a going effort to rewire all operations for the evolving digital world.

So by adopting the latest technologies in order t improve the following:

  • Processes
  • Strategies
  • Bottom line

Connection For Other Companies Use OF Transformation

So let learn what companies say about the connection for digital transformation. Some companies say that digital is a strategic adoption of digital technologies.

It uses to improve processes and productivity to deliver a better customer and employee experience. Also, it can manage business risk and control costs.

So transformation is represented myriad tools that solutions and processes. Therefore it an effective strategy is one of customization for each unique company.

So it very helpful for that business industry that makes process efficiency to the user experience. Therefore it essential to have digital that can process the drives of the digital revolution today.

Having Benefits Of Using Technologies

So let us discuss also the benefits we get by using this digital transformation. It offers more benefits than ranging from the following:

  • Better experience for employees and customers
  • More efficient effective business operation
  • An innovative solution that can deliver more value to end-users and customers
  • Improve ability to survive and compete in the digital economy

So a lot of benefits of a digital transformation that approach naturally. Also, it depends on the nature of the transformation and business.

Moreover, there are main benefits of digital like the following:

  • Boosted efficiency that integrates current separation of workflows and automates various tasks. So it can help to keep the focus on more important things.
  • Increase productivity that promotes better collaboration and smooth communication. Also, it boosts engagement using digital to maximize productivity.
  • More insights that capture data like never before to make a better business decision. It uses to analyze and optimize your product service and more.
  • Improve accuracy to automation will minimize human errors that put mistakes. Also, we simply forget to do the job while also reduce costs.

Digital Transformation Of Companies

So let learn about does digital transformation of companies we have today. Also, know more how essential this technology in the modern world.

Idea Of Digital Transformation Of Companies

So I will help you to understand how companies today are adopting digital transformation. But we need to know about digital transformation and how this helps companies.

So when we say digital it is not only a fashionable topic today. Therefore this is the reality of many companies that want to remain competitive in the industry.

So a digital transformation is an integration of digital technology in all areas of business operation. Also, it leads to a huge change in the functioning and can significantly affect customer satisfaction.

It has new technology and new innovative product service are going on. So the effects of digital transformation can be seen and many aspects of companies function like the following:

  • Way of employees work
  • How business process work
  • How to collect and analyze data using

So to understand more about it you must know that it just simply the digitization of information. Moreover, the digitalization of information is a course an essential element of any digital transformation.

Companies That Using Digital Technologies

So let us discuss companies and details how digital transformation has made them successful. Let start with the Lego company, Lego is the first digital company that using the year 1997.

The entry into the video game market and games has become a more important element. So this game is largely free which is increases the promotional effect to their products.

Moreover, Lego is an exploring 3D printing option that while most companies are afraid of this technology. It because it allows a customer to create a product by themselves.

So Lego has filed a patent application for the types of printing. Therefore all f this has enabled their client to use innovative solutions.

More than that Lego toy company has also become more modern today. These blocks are sometimes required with an advanced solution like sensors.

So the company also trying to combine the world of the game and the physical blocks that they launch. 

More Companies Using Digital Technology

Let also discuss other companies, like Nike company. So Nike is a giant in the sports footwear industry.

In the start, they focus on the mobile device that uses advanced technologies base on a recommendation. So they use digital transformation by using algorithms and machine learning.

Moreover, this company has creat a mobile application that helps customers to choose the best type of shoes. By using your scanning on the feet and application create a map that bases on the 13 data points.

So it very big help to the customer that can attain vital information to create better footwear project. Furthermore, the Microsoft company has adopted this modern digital technology.

Also, this company has another prime among the digital transformation example. So this software sales leader base on the power of the Windows operating system.

So Microsoft opens up to the mobile device that provides a very good experience.